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CREDIT CARDS are being accepted ONLY through Paypal at this time.

We will email a Paypal billing to you for orders from YARDSALE pages and foreign shipment shipping handling charges in excess of shopping cart’s  base cost on other pages. Questions? Please email for prompt attention:  mrrwarehouse (at)  



This month’s web specials:

Buy any 2 passenger cars from the YARDSALE PASSENGER page and get 10% off. Buy any 4 and get 20% off. Applies to complete single car kits or builtups including new LaBelle kits being moved from Passenger Showroom to Yardsale pages..


O SCALE ILLINOIS TERMINAL CLASS B This project is moving forward, sufficient firm advance orders were received. Our goal was late winter delivery. Please see special message.


These products are not expected within the month. Your order is accepted as a request for back ordering these items. A rash of orders in early December has run our supplies low while we are unable to do repacking runs on several kits. There are less than half a dozen Borden Milk cars left in stock, not to be rerun. All LaBelle O & HO kits are in stock May 2 but we are closing out this line—so there will be outages developing and not listed here.


Our own LTD Series kits and specialty parts are custom etched from our tooling in California, USA. This line has a very wide variety of “niche items,” unavailable from any other source. LTD items are produced for discerning, serious, model railroaders in very small batches. In order to maintain affordable prices we must run 1-3 year supplies at a time. They are made in large brass sheets, in required quantities and ganged for shipment to us as economically as possible. Our etched brass shipments require payments in four digit price ranges. In order to budget these orders we have historically maintained a special bank account with PNC Bank which received all credit card payments taken by our phone order taker. Another banking arrangement (receiving our mailed checks and internet Paypal sales income) is used to cover other inventory purchases, insurance, utilities, taxers, website and advertising. Tooling for new etched products has been financed through our PNC Bank account. This business plan has worked successfully for several years—until March 2016. At that time PNC Bank advised us of a slight change in procedure.  They were changing the manner in which the leased card reader would transmit charges to the bank. In December 2016, when brisk sales required reordering several brass sheets, it was discovered our credit card sales had NOT been transmitted to the bank since February. (And customers’ accounts had not actually been charged-though no one had complained). Both we and the customers had the customary bank machine printouts of the sales—but no funds had actually changed hands. Several thousands of dollars needed to purchase reruns of our brass sheets—and to complete the tooling of one announced O scale kit ( Illinois Terminal Class B), 4 unannounced new O kits, 3 unannounced new S kits and 2 unannounced new HO kits scheduled for late winter release – were not in our PNC Bank account. March 2016 release of our two L&PS interurbans, with the $thousands of startup costs, ads and initial production runs had been paid by us—but most of our sales were NOT paid for. 

We continue paying utility bills, advertising bills, insurance, taxes (even sales & income tax on sales which had no income) and attempting to do “business as usual.” We have discontinued accepting credit card sales though PNC assures us “we can, their problem is fixed”.  We do not agree. On May 2, 2017, there was still no deposit to our PNC Bank account other than money we’ve deposited monthly to cover the card machine lease payments and fees.   Our policy for decades has been to maintain available stock of our own products and the special lines we distribute. We apologize for our current inability to adhere to this policy. 

We cannot discuss the legal efforts being pursued, but assure you every effort is being made to resolve the back order backlog we are experiencing with you. Your willingness to utilize checks or Paypal for payments and to wait patiently is most appreciated.


Interurban Showroom Page

O Scale East Gary—we no longer supply these parts. Information is provided on the page so you can contact them directly.

HO GE Steeple Cab is  Rerun and available

O Scale LTD kit Brill 55 is out of stock.  Rerun is expected but delayed

S Scale Baldwin freight motors are special order. 1 of Class D  IS in stock  May 2.

Built Up Models are special order as noted.

Baldwin B1 & E, C&LE Freight Motors need more reservations to renew progress on projects

B&M  Brill 55 accessories cancelled lack of interest

O Scale Brill radiator cancelled lack of interest

Baldwin A Cancelled lack of interest

Detroit Tunnel Motors Cancelled lack of interest

McGuire Cummins Sweeper cancelled lack of interest

Other potential cars not mentioned require additional reservations for consideration.


Passenger  Car Showroom Page

LTD Brass Troop Car Conversions: New Haven and B&M RPO temporarily out of stock. Reruns are being scheduled see special notice.

Bethlehem Car Works Discontinued items prefix 10-:  12, 14,77; 118; 120; 470;and 143 (sub #10-165). We have little stock remaining on these.

Bethlehem Car Works Temporarily unavailable  (in some cases we have limited qty) prefix 10-:

25, 27, 31, 102, 139,1219, 1272, 98,146 . Stillwell roof discontinued. We can supply limited qty of  it less end caps.

LaBelle arched window #125 is not in production.

CINCINNATIAN sides are special order. FOUNTAIN SQUARE is not yet released. Production  tooling has been delayed while the correct  (#10-102) Bethlehem Car roof is unavailable.

Signals and Lineside Showroom Page

LTD Etched Brass B&O Whistle posts and Track Worker tools (HO) temporarily out of stock.  rerun  see special notice.

Oregon Rail Signal Bridges with Semaphores. Project on hold, subject to cancellation

Oregon Rail Crossbucks Signs- Discontinued when our inventory is sold out

LTD Series B&O position light lighting kit Discontinued — inventory is sold out

Oregon Rail Elevated Watchman Shanty- project cancelled.

Central Valley items will be discontinued here when inventory is sold out account of high freight costs from their California factory.

Freight Car Showroom Page

Mann’s Creek Hopper Cars are out of stock (O&HO) . Rerun awaits brass parts (see special notice) .

Bethlehem Car Works trucks  10-146 (Buckeye) temporarily unavailable. Limited qty of 146 in stock here March 1st.1219 out of stock rerun date uncertain  Fox truck #10-1223 has been long unavailable-expected here soon

LTD Series  CNJ Freight Car Decals  rerun requires additional reservations CANCELLED

LTD Series 772.2-1703 Coil Hood Bracket requires additional reservations to proceed on project

Hopper Topper is being removed to YARDSALE. Discontinued when sold out.

Red Ball Anniversary Pile Driver has not yet been produced. A few reservations can still be accepted.

LTD Series  Bangor & Aroostook and D&M caboose sides for troop conversion have not yet been produced. More reservations needed to proceed with production tooling.

Tahoe Trucks will be discontinued by us when sold out due to the high freight costs from Nevada.  200 series Arch Bar trucks are sold out.

Central Valley products Are being discontinued by us when inventory is sold out due to high freight costs from California.

Military Car Showroom Page

New Haven and B&M RPO etched brass Sides temporarily unavailable. Rerun being scheduled. —The other HO troop cars and troop trains are available

Hospital Car Decals- discontinued.

Hospital Car etched brass is special order item as noted.

O & S Scale Troop Cars are special order as noted.

O, S and Large Scale Showroom Page

Mann’s Creek Hopper Cars are very low. Rerun awaits brass parts – see special notice.

S and F  Scale Brill 55 requires additional reservations to continue project development

O Scale Illinois Terminal B class mid-2017 release expected.

O & S Troop Cars are Special order as noted


N Scale Showroom Page and still listed on HO FREIGHT page

Log Car  N Scale brass parts temporarily unavailable



Interurban Showroom Page

LTD Series   L&PS 62 and 70 Foot steel passenger cars   (NEW and in stock)

Passenger Car Showroom Page

LTD Series  B&O Baggage Car Sides class B8, B18 and B27 (ex C7 horse car)NEW double etched brass.

LTD Series C&NW two baggage car sides double etched brass

Bethlehem Car Works  Boston & Maine 10-1-2 Pullmans (NEW)

Bethlehem Car Works Southern and NYC Horse Car (Back after long absence)

LTD Series Frisco Baggage / Express Boxcar sides (NEW Troop Car Conversion)

Signals & Lineside Showroom Page

Tichy Girder Bridge  new and in stock

LTD Series Trackworkers Tools, etched brass New and in stock

LTD Series Big Four (cast iron) and B&O (concrete) Whistle Posts (etched brass) New and in stock

Freight Car Showroom Page

Bethlehem Car Works Fox Truck #10-1223 (Long been unavailable, expected back this month)

Cannonball Car Shops  Borden Milk Car ( Last rerun after long absence)

Cannonball Car Shops PRR G26 Mill Gondola (Long been unavailable—now in stock)

LTD Series Mann’s Creek Side dump HO/ HOn3 Hopper Cars (long unavailable- now back in stock))



LTD Series Troop Sleeper steps for Phase 1 use

Cannonball Car Shops Troop Car cores and troop kits are repackaged versions including with AB Brakes and economy packs.

O, S and LARGE SCALE Page:

 S scale Wabash Valley F7 Shells decorated Monon, Lehigh Valley and Western Maryland (fireball)

O Scale LTD Series etched brass Trackworker’s Tools

O/ On3/ On30  Scale Mann’s Creek Hopper Cars (long unavailable, now back in stock) 



YARDSALE LOTS are open for bids (or “Best Offers”) this month. See top of the Locomotive Yardsale page for details. Lots are subject to change upon sale of individual items. Reasonable offers considered on each lot.


CENTRAL VALLEY 50% DISCOUNT While our supplies last:

Central Valley switch kits and flexible trackbed. These items have been removed from our cart. Email your list and we will send Paypal billing for those items still available.


Log Car Coupons packed in 2013 run of Mann’s Creek Side dump hoppers will be honored THROUGH July 1, 2016.

Troop Car Decal Coupons packed in Troop Sleepers runs of 1998 through 2000 will no longer be honored.


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