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WHY? When new products are announced, but not yet released, reservations can be very important. Not only do they put you at the “head of the line,” but they give the manufacturer early indicators of the quantity to be produced. There have been many instances recently where Chinese model projects were even cancelled for “lack of interest.” This is likely to become more common as the manufacturers increase costs and quantity requirements while total capacity is unable to meet the demand for NEW projects (as opposed to the demand for QUANTITY USING EXISTING tooling).

The situation is similar but different here with the Prototype Specific Products made in USA. Our kits and parts are “niche” items that simply do not lend themselves to mass production because mass sales are not expected. We still cannot stay in business if tooling and initial production of product looses cash time after time, so we need to know there will be demand. Unlike mass produced Chinese plastic models, our kits are made in smaller batches.  When it is time a new batch is needed it is important for us to know they would be sold in reasonable time.  When a product is marked RFR in our updates we need a sufficient number of reservations to justify putting the item back into production and stock.  When a product has yet to be released, but a price is announced, it is marked NYA. This means that tooling has proceeded and the quantity to be made must be settled. And, quite frankly, it also means this is one of several products under development and the higher priority will be given to those items with the greatest demand.  Projects have been cancelled when their demand “stalled” rather than progressing, too. In the event an item’s price is marked $TBA  this tells you we have done the basic engineering and tooling could start, but not yet. More reservations are needed to justify putting our resources (time and money) into that  item.  So reservations are important and “I’ll wait till it comes out” attitude could insure it won’t. Reservations convince us our belief in a new idea was well placed.

A service fee may be charged on cancellations of FIRM reservations for our processing expense.

FIRM RESERVATIONS LOCK IN THE PRICE FOR YOU.  Our new products and reruns are subject to piece changes upon release or rerelease. Your reservation locks in your price to that posted when your order was placed. In the unlikely instance of a price decrease you will receive that benefit. Increases are likely because of cost increases. Our cost for brass etchings increased 33% the first 3 months of 2012, for instance.  We also price new releases at a pre-release price to encourage reservations for the first run. Later runs are typically smaller and automatically more costly as a result of that.


HOW TO PLACE FIRM RESERVATIONS:  Don’t send money (except special order items and deposits on custom assembled models). We develop new items using the “profits” from previous sales and our own investment. We believe firms who expect the customer to pay out front for the development of their production must not believe in what they are doing.

BY MAIL send credit card info and address to us at Box 411, Roanoke, IN 46783 USA. For updates include self addressed postcard(s)

BY E MAIL send us your delivery address and quantity wanted in an email with the subject line “RESERVATION #___” showing the item number. Our email address is mrrwarehouse (at)   We will acknowledge receipt (emails sometimes never arrive) and file your reservation by item number. [One email for each different item reserved, please—stating quantity of that item]. When the product is ready to tool or rerun we will ask you to confirm.  We may send infrequent email updates on that product. When ready to ship we will email a Paypal request for payment by internet.  It has instructions if you do not have a Paypal account. If you change email addresses send a new reservation from the new address. Bounced emails or failure to confirm reservation will result in cancellation of your reservation and price protection. (We cannot manually correct your address in this system). Some items may have slightly different instructions/ procedures noted on the catalog page. For your protection, do not send credit card information by email.

CASUAL POSTCARDS AND OTHER COMMUNICATIONS  that do not include your commitment to purchase are not firm reservations and will not be applied to our decisions on prioritization. We will only send related email updates (as mentioned above) to those making firm reservations. Updates are also posted in the updates linked to each catalog page.  

BY DEPOSIT custom assembled products, in particular, require a deposit at time of ordering. If ordered by shopping cart it will charge your credit card for the deposit at that time. We will send an email request for Paypal balance when ready to ship.  If you prefer to phone or mail your deposit we will charge your credit card or cash your check at that time. Balance will be charged to credit card or require another check or money order before shipment. We do hold shipment for at least two weeks for checks to clear. SPECIAL ORDERED  items require prepayment- which is simply a 100% deposit. Some custom orders have delays greater than a month, sometimes a few months. Special Orders, however, are typically filled in 2-6 weeks as stated on the web catalog page. Because of their nature, these orders may not be cancelled.


BACK ORDERS are typical only for reserving products because our policy is to have product in stock or in transit. Items that aren’t, for any reason, will be noted on the catalog page’s UPDATES – linked to that catalog page. The reason is normally RFR– the product must be rerun. Orders placed for items listed in the updates will be filled as promptly as possible. Credit card orders will be charged when shipped. Checks or money orders will be cashed when received. Shopping cart orders will be charged when order is placed.  Items ordered while they are posted on updates as unavailable are ordered with the understanding there will be a delay Requests for cancellation and refund will be subject to service fee. In the event your order will simply not be filled, and WE cancel, there will be no charge for the refund made.  Please READ THE LINKED UPDATES.

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.


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