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Hometown pioneered American prototype (non wood) structure kits in the 1970s. Today many of the favorite Hometown designs are back (and joined by new designs) but in another new concept: Bristol Series kits. Bristol Series kits are so economical (most are under $10) that they can be used as “stand ins” and patterns for  scratch builders as well as their intended uses as  background models, introductory level kits and the basis for up-scaling and super detailing. In HO most windows and doors match finely detailed Tichy parts and our weathered corrugated steel roofing matches Campbell’ corrugated metal. Bristol Series Hometown kits are designed to be free standing and self supporting but to allow additional supportive interior cores for use in high humidity locations.  Many of the HO kits are also available in N scale -useful on distant hills in larger scales-and for O/S scales.    The current updates page has additional information about appropriate age levels and tools, structure footprints, web specials and updates that supersede prices or availability posted on this page. We invite you to share photos and tips of  super – detailed Hometown structures with other visitors to the update page as well.

DEALERS: Hometown structures are poly bagged for pegboard display in 9×12 bags with colorful headers showing actual completed kits. Burma Shave signs are in 2×7 bags with headers.  

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Markle Mill


The wooden grain elevator was once more common than barber shops in many American towns. Then they were covered with corrugated steel siding.  Those surviving today at rail side are surrounded by steel bins and pipe delivery systems. In the 1970s our prototype was located along the (now gone) Erie RR mainline.  Larger, but similar, mills were common in the wheat belt.  


HO Markle Mill



#197-43010N          N   Markle Mill

     $  8.99


Mail Pouch didn’t charge a dime to paint one side of your barn. They had a travelling crew and it really got around in mid-America. The Whitehall folks even co-operated with us! – though they left the painting to us.  This barn is a typical “bank barn” that housed livestock in the first level with feed and machinery on the second, hay and straw for the stock was above that- and sometimes chickens too if rows of very small windows were in place.. Access for tractor or horse drawn wagons was on “the far side” that was either built into an embankment or had an earthen bank to the second story entrance. This somewhat protected livestock from harsh cold  as well.  The HO silo requires an empty  bathroom tissue tube. Silo not included in O/S model. HO kit on distant O/S hills; N kit on distant HO hills is suggested. HO kit has choice of  size doors to use as large foreground N model to distant for larger scales.

#197-43001                   HO Mail Pouch Barn  & Silo

     $  8.99

#197-43001-N              N  Mail Pouch Barn & Silo

     $  7.00

#197-43001-O              O/S Mail Pouch Barn




This style barn was very common in the “hill country” where large grain fields were impossible.  Row crops  limited the  type of livestock to work animals and hillside grazing dairy herds as well. Along roads leading to the south (US 27 and US 41) advertisements to “See Rock City” at Lookout Mountain were commonly painted on the roofs while other “tourist” highways [of the pre Interstate era] often found signs suggesting your film should be mailed to FoJo Studios in DeSoto, Missouri for development. We are told the rooftop painters carefully planned their possible landing areas in choosing barns to use.  Hometown has your bases covered. Glenn’s barn has its roof oriented for southbound travelers while the Missouri Mule barn sports a FoJo signboard for westbound travelers in an era when the US center of population was drifting around in Indiana and early diesels were challenging steam power. These mule barns outlasted both.

#197-43002                   HO Glenn’s Mule Barn “See Rock City” roof           

     $  7.50

#197-43002-N                 N Glenn’s Mule Barn “See Rock City”            

     $  5.75

#197-43003                   HO Missouri Mule Barn  “FoJo” sign                               

     $  7.50

#197-43003-N                  N Missouri Mule Barn “FoJo”                                              

    $  5.75

Delta Sharecropper’s Saltbox

with board fence and outhouse


As settlers built more permanent homes, the saltbox was an extremely popular style. The prototype for this board and bat house was located in the Illinois “delta” near the Ohio and Mississippi but it was very commonplace elsewhere.

#197-41005                   HO Delta Sharecropper’s Saltbox                   

    $  7.50

#197-41005-N              N Delta Sharecropper’s Saltbox                       

    $  5.00 

Miller’s Saltbox

with picket fence, flowers on trellis  and laundry


In fact the saltbox showed up in town too as nicely painted wood siding homes. Mrs. Miller has need of a clothesline if you can spare a toothpick and thread.

#197-41010                        HO Miller’s Saltbox                        

    $  7.50

#197-41010-N                      N Miller’s Saltbox                           

    $  5.00

Eastern Street Federalist

With optional attached kitchen

As emigration from Eastern towns and cities progressed across the Alleheny Mountainsm the Federalist style architecture of the cities moved too.  Federalist architecture is commonly found in towns down along the Ohio River and tributaries like the Great Miami amdf Whitewater, the western  canals and the National road. A house like this is likely to be built curbside with its step jutting into the sidewalk. Kitchens were either in the cellar, attached or in outbuildings.


#197-41009                HO Eastern Street Federalist          


Chicago Avenue Bungalo with garage

Early in the twentieth century,  American cities were growing rapidly. The “national catalog houses” that could be ordered were prolific and most places had local builders who were known for their particular styles. One popular style (especially as Chicago rebuilt after Mrs. O Leary’s fire) was the brick bungalow.  Often built using bricks from local clay, they might have particular colors in specific areas. Our Hometown kit offers an optional “sunroom bay,” two styles of dormer, optional side entrance and variations of porch design. Thus you can build a whole city block with prototypical variations—and in the desired choices of brick coloration. Some recentl swampy areas (like Chicago) required elevasted basements. This kit offers deep or elevated basement options and we pack different colored roofing in the color variant kits too.

#197-41019.22            HO Chicago Ave Bungalo – dark red brick                   

    $  9.99

#197-44019.25            HO Chicago Ave Bungalo-taupe brick                          

    $  9.99

#197-44019.32            HO Chicago Ave Bungalo –  yellow-tan brick                             

    $  9.99

#197-44019.244          HO Chicago Ave Bungalo – maroon brick                     

    $  9.99  


Sawbucks Manufacturing Co.

As industrialization started establishing itself along the new railroads one major problem was solved. The railroad could bring in raw materials and ship out finished goods. A second problem was also solved. Coal came by rail to power the steam engines the drove the machinery. But there were no solutions yet for “lights.”  Three classes of structure evolved to solve this dilemma. One is represented by the Sawbucks Company. During World War II industrial windows were often “blacked out” from possible enemy bomber view by painting the many windows blue to blockj outflow of the electric lights on night shifts as in our kit. The kit is designed for ease of starching either (or both) dimensions in a rectangular floor plan OR maling X, T, or L floor plans by combining additional kits.Dock doors can be placed as needed.


#197-44012                   HO Sawbucks Manufacturing Co      


Quonset Hut


This result of wartime efficiency became commonplace around the country in a wide variety of sizes.Use it on farnsm as stores or storage sheds. Our HO/N model includes doors to permit making a large N scale hut. The model requires use of an empty kitchen salt box as a core,

#197-44001             HO/N   Quonset Hut                                                  

    $  5.75

Gosport Depot

On the Monon

In the earliest days of railroads, no “standard designs” existed yet. One idea that was tried involved loading and unloading inside the depot. Down along the White River, with the town up high on a bluff where the Pennsylvania’s predecessor line ran, the  early Monon builders placed the Gosport depot that served until  the Monon disappeared in the merger era. This kit was scaled from our photos but is readily reduced in size to fit your space.


#197-22001                   HO Gosport Depot                                     

    $  8.99


This style was not a signature of the Nickle Plate because it was often found elsewhere too. The board and bat structure can serve two boxcars at trackside with freight doors and platform  for teamster on the other side. The kit could be shortened to one car length or two kits combined for a four car freight house with a left-over yard office.

#197-22011                        HO NKP Freight House                             


#197-22011-N                       N NKP Freight House                                

    $  8.00

Sewell Engine House

The narrow gauge Mann’s Creek Railroad carried timber and coal down Sewell Mountail to ther C&O at Sewell West Virginia. This stone engine house served their Shays well, biut has returned to dust. In your town it could serve as a trolley barn or a repair business might have bought it when the railroad shut down. Or the volunteer fire department?  Such a solid stone building could have bany uses at the right price.

#197-32001              HO Sewell Engine House                                       

    $  8.99                                  

#197-32001-N            N  Sewell Engine House                                        

    $  7.50

animated gif OUTHOUSES


A necessary back yard fixture for each home, store, church and school without bushes.

#197-20008                        HO Outhouses (7)

    $  2.99

#197-48-20008      O  Outhouses (3)

    $  2.99

animated gif      Burma Shave Signs



From the mid 1920s through the early 1960s these roadside signs did the job of an Interstate highway—making the trip go faster.  Wooden sign posts not included.

#197- 48-20002                     O Burma Shave Signs (12 different sets)

    $  3.99

#197-20002                        HO  Burma Shave Signs (8 assorted sets)

    $  2.99

#197-20003                        HO Burma Shave Signs (8 sets Safety themes)

    $  2.99

#197-20004                        HO Burma Shave Signs (8 sets dif 1950s-60s)

    $  2.99

#197-20005                        HO Burma Shave Signs (4 dif sets 1930s)

     $  1.99

#197-20006                        HO Burma Shave Signs (4 dif sets 1940s)        

     $  1.99

#197-20007                        HO Burma Shave Signs (4 dif sets 1950s)        

     $  1.99

There are no duplications between the HO sets –36 diferent sets available.




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The Corner Drug Store


Bristol Series development model shown


The Roundhouse

Designed to “fit” all turnbtables






Doc Kemp’s House

 Model Shown is 1976 edition production model

No longer available – New one will be made in Bristol.

Tucker’s Truck Terminal



And the brand new

Clover Farms Stores Neighborhood Grocery

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Center Line – by Craftsman Lithograph Structural Sheets    8 ½ x 11   &   11x 17

Seven Colors of Brick with gray mortar in HO, N, O, S and 1/20 Scales


Bright Red   Old Red   Dark Red    Clinker Red    Taupe   Yellow-tan      Maroon

 Two prototype colors of InsulBrick  – Red and Tan

 Aged Corrugated Steel Siding/Roofing           Corrugated Steel (aged)

Plus a wide selection of other roofing materials, tile and block walls

Utility Plant Wall

                 Curtin Wall

And introducing two all new  Large Factory Wall sheets                                                                                     



Carefully crafted colors are applied and baked to special heavy weight papers with appropriate texture to recreate prototypical appearance. The mortar is light gray. Insulbrick was matched to actual samples. Structural sheets are offered in popular modeling scales for model railroad, model farm diorama and dollhouse hobbiests and professionals. Our 8 ½ x 11 inch sheets are offered in both vertical and horizontal format for either “tall” or “wide” applications. Our 11 x 17” sheets are horizontal format. Sheets are easily installed using glue stick or rubber cement, these structural sheets may be cut with scissors or hobby knife.  Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light is not recommended. The scales we offer are “N” (1/160 scale); “HO” (1/87 scale); “S” (1/64 scale); “O” (1/48 scale) and “F” (1/120.3 scale—suited for dollhouse ½” scale and G scale trains).      Price is $2.95 each for  8 1/2 x 11” sheet  and  $5.95 each large 11 x 17” sheet*.  Horizontal Factory walls are 11 x 17 in N, HO, S and O scales at $7.50 each. Sizes in stock are in your scale choice button. We are working towards getting all sizes available in all colors as soon as possible.


Brick Arches 8 ½ x 11     $2.95 

Brick Arches 11 x 17     $5.95 

Assorted colors: Old, Dark, Bright and Clinker reds for use above doors & windows                                      

#66-001 Bright Red Brick tall      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-011 Bright Red Brick wide      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-012 Bright Red Brick large tall      11 x 17     $5.95

#66-013 Bright Red Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

Common 1800s to today  Little color variation                                                                                                                            

#66-020 Old Red Brick tall      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-201 Old Red Brick wide      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-202 Old Red Brick large tall      11 x 17     $5.95

#66-203 Old Red Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

Light orange to pinkish; variations scattered                                                                                                                                

#66-022 Dark Red Brick tall      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-221 Dark Red Brick wide      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-222 Dark Red Brick large tall      11 x 17     $5.95

#66-223 Dark Red Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

#66-024 Clinker Red Brick tall      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-241 Clinker Red Brick wide      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-242 Clinker Red Brick large tall      11 x 17     $5.95

#66-243 Clinker Red Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

Darker old brick with extreme variations in color                                                                                                                      

#66-025 Taupe Brick tall      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-251 Taupe Brick wide      8 ½ x 11     $2.95 

#66-252 Taupe Brick large tall      11 x 17     $5.95

#66-253 Taupe Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

Common after WWI & earlier where clay was this color                                                                                                           

#66-032 Yellow/Tan Brick tall      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-321 Yellow/Tan Brick wide      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-322 Yellow/Tan Brick large tall      11 x 17     $5.95


 #66-323 Yellow/Tan Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

Similar to Taupe; Residential and Retail businesses                                                                                                                   

#66-044 Maroon Brick tall      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-441 Maroon Brick wide      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-442 Maroon Brick large tall     11 x 17     $5.95

#66-443 Maroon Brick large wide     11 x 17     $5.95

More modern Residential, Retail and Institutions                                                                                                                      

#66-205 Tan Insulbrick      8 ½ x 11     $2.95 

Sheeting with black “mortar”

#66-2052 Tan Insulbrick      11 x 17     $5.95

#66-206  Clinker Red Insulbrick      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

Not Available at this time

Sheeting with black “mortar”

#66-2062 Clinker Red Insulbrick      11 x 17     $5.95

#66-910 Factory Wall “curtin style”   11 x 17     $7.50

#66-920 Factory Wall “utility plant”

Brick factory 11x17:  Curtin has windows above brick 
panels surrounded by concrete; Utility has large 

#66-125 Taupe Tile wide

#66-1252 Taupe Tile large

#66-100 Concrete Block wide

#66-102 Concrete Block large

Unpainted block                                                                                                                                                                                 

#66-150 Corrugated Roof wide           

#66-151 Corrugated Wall tall

#66-152 Corrugated Roof large

Slight traces of rust. Matches

Campbell metal roof sizes                                                                                                                                                                

#66-101 Raised Rib Steel                                       

Painted green 8 ½ x 11                                                                                                                                                                     

#66-160 Tarpaper Roof  8 ½ x 11                                                                                                                                                                                                

Diamond Pattern Roof

#66-102 Light blue shingle 8 ½ x 11

#66-103 Yellow/tan shingle 8 ½ x 11                                                                                                                                                           

#66-104 Red Tile       8 ½ x 11                                     

*Dealers Note: 8 ½ x 11 are in poly bag with header for hanging display;   11-17 are unpackaged bulk and minimum  order is 15  asstd 11 x 17 sheets. No minimum on 8 ½ x 11.

*Retail purchasers please note: 11 x 17 Building sheets are shipped rolled. A $5 surcharge will apply to special requests for Flat Shipping of any quantity.

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