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Cannonball Car Shops (#197-)manufacture a popular injection molded styrene GE Steeple Cab body kit in HO and a variety of etched brass kits and parts (in several scales) in the LTD Series (#772.2).  Made in USA 


East Gary Car Co. (#48- ) manufactures the former Indianapolis Car Co. styrene body components for O scale “wooden” passenger cars and interurbans as well as a variety of cast metal detail parts and select large scale trucks and detail parts for freight cars. EGC  detail and ½” Scale parts are special order items and are made to order—allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. MRRW Maintains a stock of the former ICC styrene body parts.   Made in USA 


Cannonball’s LTD Series  (#772.2-) offers a wide variety of etched brass parts for the traction scratch builder in O, S and HO scales.  Most of these parts are available in body kits and part groupings for specific construction projects. We include the LTD Brill 55 motorcar on this page though it was a gasoline powered car. LTD parts are designed in HO scale and retooled into other scales (O, S, 1/20.3 F-G, N) when sufficient reservations justify the retooling.  LTD items already tooled/produced  in other scales have sku numbers: #772-160- N scale; #772.2-48- O scale; #772.2-64- S Scale;    #772.2-20- F scale 1/20.3; #772.2-24- half-inch scale. Cannonball LTD brass body kits are designed for assembly using simple hand tools and either ACC glue or solder. They are undecorated and require your addition of glazing, poles, motors, trucks and details.  We design for easy assembly and ease of retooling into other scales. After introduction of new kits in HO your reservations will determine what other scales can be offered.


GRAND RIVER CAR CO  Roger Chrysler, respected Canadian traction model railroader offers custom assembled LTD  Baldwin Steeple Cabs in O, S and HO scales and LTD Brill 55 motorcars.  Purchase of the kit and deposit on construction are required at time of order. As with any custom assembler, a waiting period of weeks and possibly even months should be expected. Prices shown are for a basic BODY assembly. Added truck, pole/pan and detail installation (that you provide), paint and decal will increase price. Assembly is done in Canada and prices are subject to exchange rate fluctuation. Base Price is shown in kit description while DEPOSIT AMOUNT is shown at the “Buy Now” button with balance due upon completion.



GE STEEPLE CAR HO styrene kit by Cannonball Car and linked shared photo, info page

BRILL 55 GAS MOTOR CAR O & HO kits LTD Series, built by Grand River and linked proto info, construction photo and shared photo page

BALDWIN B & C STEEPLE CABS O, S &HO kits  LTD Series, built by Grand River and linked proto info and shared photo page, linked construction steps  video

INDIANA SERVICE FREIGHT MOTOR 817  O & HO built by Grand River, LTD parts and linked proto photos

ILLINIOIS TERMINAL B & C FREIGHT MOTORS  HO (also reserve in O&S) LTD Series kits and linked construction step photos, info page.

C&LE / ILL TERM STEEL FREIGHT MOTOR HO (also reserve O & S) LTD series kits and linked photos, info

PORTABLE SUBSTATION (inspired by C&LE) HO  built by Grand River

LONDON & PORT STANLEY 62 & 70 FT STEEL PASSENGER CARS HO LTD Series kits and linked proto photos

PROPOSED LTD SERIES KITS and linked prototype photos—these models should be reserved in HO, O and S. Reservations determine scheduling priority

LaBelle WOODWORKING HO KITS parts and decals

LaBelle WOODWORKING O kits, parts and decals

TICHY HO and O Parts (see also Passenger Car page)

EAST GARY O Body Components (formerly ICC)

EAST GARY  parts & trucks  O, 1/24 and 1/20.3 Scales  –special order items 

MINORITY  Scale modelers- Most LTD Series kits can also be retooled into N scale.  Because the minimum number of kits to justify the retooling expense would be several dozen we suggest interested groups pool a group order & interest an N scale dealer in an exclusive product made by us for the dealer. This can also be done to reach required volume in O, S or 1/20.3 or 1/24 scales.

  Additional suitable parts for O & S Modelers are on PASSENGER CAR page



Click here for current updates to this page. We reserve the right to correct errors in posting and to change prices and specifications without notice. These  updates supersede any conflicting information or prices posted further down this page.


G E  Steeple Cab








The GE Steeple Cab shown was built and super detailed using AMB detail products by John Hitzeman. The AMB detail items and truck frames are sold direct only by American Model Builders.

Cannonball Car Shop’s  injection molded styrene HO GE Steeple Cab has a well earned reputation. It is highly detailed, easily assembled and the parts fit.   It was designed to utilize Bachmann’s original 44 & 70-ton diesel drive (with motor attached to trucks) that has since been discontinued and is still found at train shows.  We’ve seen them with Black Beetle  trucks (by Hollywood Foundry of Australia) and other drives. The kit is a basic body for you to detail as desired.  It is shown here with a super- detail kit made and only sold by AMB (American Model Builders, St. Louis).         Both early arched window and later rectangular window sides are included in our styrene body kit.               

#197-9810       GE Steeple Cab body     $29.95

#999-302    SureHold Plastic Surgery ® super glue for plastics     $  3.79

#772.2-9711    Cast Metal Headlight for hood mounting   (2)     $  3.00                          


CLICK HERE to view the instruction drawings and photos of their models shared by our customers.

999-SNIP   Tiny Tin Snip for removing etched brass parts     $8.60

 BRILL 55                                         


Assembled  model by Grand River Car Shop shown with Canadian National detailing and painting, Bowser power installed.    

The LTD Brill 55 body kit is designed for assembly using basic hand tools and either soldered or super glued.  The double etched brass body may be built with choice of plain, Service Motor or Brill brass radiator. Northeastern wood is used for the roof. Our HO kit is designed to accept the Bowser power and trailer trucks. The O,S and F scale kits have bolster mounts that can be positioned to suit your trucks. 33 inch wheeled PCC trucks are suggested. Details you may add to this body kit, depending on your prototype, are headlight, marker lights, bell, horn, fuel tank, rear coupler and rear pilot.

#772.2-358      HO Brill 55 Body kit     $149.95


#772.2-358.10 HO Pilot (“cowcatcher”)(included in kit)     $9.95               

#772.2-358.20 HO Brill Stairwell brass (2) (included in kit)     $12.95


#772-2932       HO Plain Radiator front (included in kit)     $  1.95

#772.2-358.2   HO B&M grills & guards     $TBA


animated gif #772.2-48-358        O Brill 55 Body kit     $269.95

animated gif #772.2-48-358.10  O  Pilot (included in kit)     $12.95                                    

animated gif #772.2-48-358.20  O Brill Stairwell (2) brass  (incl in kit)      $29.95                

This stairwell is recommended for passenger car and interurban projects

#772.2-48-2932     O Plain radiator  (included in kit)     $  6.95

#772.2-64-358        S Brill 55 Body kit brass parts only     $TBA    


#772.2-20-358       F (1/20.3 scale) Brill 55 body kit brass only             
#GR 358.1 HO Brill 55 painted Pullman green with glazing. base price $359.95     Deposit $199.95 
#GR 358.2 HO Brill 55 painted orange with glazing. Base price $359.95     Deposit $199.95
#GR 358.3 HO Brill 55 primed with no glazing Base Price $359.95       Deposit $189.95
#GR 358.4  Bowser power and trailer trucks installed when  building car      $100.00
CLICK HERE  to view kit instructions,  actual construction photos and photos of models shared by our customers.
LTD SERIES etched brass car sides and car bodies on this page are double etched
This sophisticated process permits a much greater degree of 3D realism and easier construction. Window frames and stirrups are “set back” and part of the car side part  (not “add- on” parts) for instance.  The brass parts are etched in the  “standard” way then a second set of negatives are used to repeat the process for a second  depth of cut in appropriate areas and they are re-etched.  The added expense in tooling and repeated etch pass is rewarded by a model superior in quality to “standard” etched parts and kits. LTD windows are open, drill dimples are placed or handrail holes etched open, folds have creases for ease of assembly and the kits are designed for structural integrity without added bracing– and raised belt rails are the “LTD Standard.”    

Baldwin Steeple Cabs      



Roger  Chrysler’s own HO Baldwin D steeple cabs detailed for Lake Erie & Northern.


Assembled O scale Class B shown is the basic carbody kit. Class D is similar in appearance, larger and with other detailing.



LTD Baldwin steeple cab bodies are designed for assembly using simple hand tools and super glue or solder.  (For HO trolley poles & headlights– see GE above). The HO kit includes a bracket for mounting early (truck mounted motor) Bachmann 44–70-ton diesel trucks. Bolster straps are included in other scales for mounting trucks of your choice. For more prototype info on Baldwin Steeple Cabs; to view kit instructions and construction photos, as well as photos of models shared by our customers

 CLICK HERE. Additional Prototype and kit instructions Photos

#772.2-100  HO Baldwin Class B Freight Motor body kit     $149.95     

#772.2-102 HO Baldwin Class D Freight Motor body kit     $149.95

#772.2-101  HO Baldwin Class B1 Freight Motor body kit  “pre-release” $199.95

#772.2-103  HO Baldwin Class E Freight Motor body kit  “pre-release”  $199.95

#772.2-48-100 O Baldwin Class B Freight Motor Body kit     $269.95

#772.2-48-102 O Baldwin Class D Freight Motor body kit     $269.95

#772.2-64-100 S Baldwin Class B Freight Motor Body Kit     $269.95

#772.2-64-102 S Baldwin Class D Freight Motor Body kit     $269.95

To see Baldwin O sideframes in East Gary parts list scroll down.


Custom built-up models of B and D class motors in HO, O and S scales by  GRAND RIVER Car Shops. They are offered with solder assembled, primed bodies at the base prices shown. Additional charge for installation of trucks, pole/pans and details you provide and for painting.  Deposit shown is required at time order is placed.

#GR 100 HO Baldwin Class B Freight Motor   Base Price  $329.95 Deposit $159.99

#GR 102 HO Baldwin Class D Freight Motor   Base price  $329.95 Deposit $159.99

#GR-64-100 S Scale  Baldwin B   Base price $529.95 Deposit $329.99


#GR-64-102  S Scale Baldwin D   Base Price $529.95 Deposit $329.99

#GR-48-100 O Scale Baldwin B   Base Price $529.95 Deposit $329.99

#GR-48-102 O Scale Baldwin D   Base Price $529.99 Deposit$329.99


ILLINOIS TERMINAL  CLASS B FREIGHT MOTOR  double etched body kit and cast resin roofs HO June                                    

ILLINOIS TERMINAL CLASS C  double etched brass parts to convert IT Class B    Summer                                             

INDIANA SERVICE CORP  Freight Motor #817 assembled, painted & decaled  O & HO              

C&LE / Illinois Terminal/ C California  Steel Freight Motor HO  dbl etched brass body kit , wood roof  fall

C&LE inspired Portable Substation assembled, painted   HO                                                                    LONDON & PORT STANLEY   62 and 70 foot steel passenger cars HO double etched brass body kits fall


Several items listed will have links to prototype photos. After viewing these, click the left arrow in the upper left corner of your screen and wait a moment to return to our webpage where you were earlier. 


Indiana Service Freight Motor #817                                                                                               ISC A


Custom Built up, painted and decaled ISC 817 Bodies by Grand River Car Shops may now be special ordered. The HO model price includes Bowser power truck and poles. The O scale model is completed body only. The HO model is shown.

Links to prototype photos and model info are found on the ISC 817 page, click here. Clicking the left arrow after viewing returns you to the ISC 817 page. Click left arrow again to return here.

A wooden interurban from central Indiana had the distinction of being the last former Indiana Railroad car to run on the last former Indiana Railroad [operated- a technicality] line. As  Indiana Service freight motor #817 she ran north from Fort Wayne serving gravel pits and pulling coal from NYC interchange to the ISC power plant and the state school for mentally handicapped in Ft Wayne. And… she served hops to the Centlivre brewery where Nickle Plate Beer was brewed. A  familiar sight on State and Spy Run street trackage until 1954, she was last painted in the brownish Tuscan red and light “sandy” cream paint scheme used on Fort Wayne transit vehicles.

She had unique traction character — the 817 was strictly home-made and no drawings are known to have  surfaced.  After extensive study, we offer a parts collection with assembly suggestions in HO that is not a kit. Many parts need fitting or extensive modification and some are even  possible “stand-ins.”  Parts included for experienced model builders (in addition to our decals and brass etchings) are from Tichy and Bethlehem Car  with Evergreen scribed siding. (Poles not included) The suggestions are not step-by-step instructions.

animated gif 

#GR-73 HO ISC #817 SPECIAL ORDER Custom Assembled, Bowser Powered  $425.00 

#GR-48-73 O Scale ISC #817 Body SPECIAL ORDER Custom Assembled (less poles, trucks)  $675.00 

#772.2-73  HO Etched brass 817 Parts     $18.95

dasher, roof mats, anti-climber, stirrups, poling pockets, kick plates

#772.2-358.10  HO Pilot (1)  two are required for 817     $  9.95

animated gif#772.2-73D  HO   ISC Decal for #817/ O decal for logo on Ft Wayne city car   $3.95

animated gif#772.2-160-73D   HO ISC Decal for Ft Wayne City Car logo/ N decal for #817   $2.95

animated gif#772.2-64-73D    S Decal for ISC #817    $4.95

animated gif#772.2-48-73D    O Decal for ISC #817    $6.95

#772.2-73R  HO Radial Coupler mount (2) (optional, not in SET)     $5.95


#10-92   HO STANDARD TRUCKS 36” WHEELS (unpwd pr)      $14.95

#10-92A  HO Standard Trucks 33” Wheels   (unpwd pr)  $11.95

#772.2-48-73  O Etched Brass 817 Parts              $35.00

#772.2-48-358.10  O Pilot  (1)   2 required for 817             $12.95

#772.2-48-73RC     O Radial coupler mount (2) (optional)          $6.95

#772.2-48-73D    O ISC and Ft Wayne Transit decals white  $19.95

#293-48-2038         O Doorway (2)                                                           $3.50

Click here for more 817 information, Photos

Illinois Terminal Class B Freight Motor


Follow the steps building our first IT Class B kit – click here

The Class B freight motor “saved” the sprawling central Illinois road when interurbans began their decline. It enabled transformation into a major freight handler serving St. Louis.  The LTD series kit is designed for assembly with basic hand tools and super glue or solder. The double etched brass body has holes for Tichy #293-3015 grab irons and wire handrails.  We’ve designed to allow either removable roof or removable floor construction (floor recommended) and provided holes for screw mounting both wood roof and brass floor. Bolsters strips are included. A brass bracket for mounting early (truck mounted motor) Bachmann 44 or 70 -ton diesel trucks is available.

Prototype Photo –


Sufficient reservation deposits were received in October 2016 to place final tooling in our allotted final tooling workspace slot with our contractors.  Our goal for release is late winter/early spring (2017). This will be a double etched brass body kit designed, like our HO kit, for construction using hand tools and either solder or modern ACC adhesive products. The O body kit does not include roof, handrails, grabs, trucks, poles or detail castings such as headlights. A $50 deposit per kit is required on advance orders.  Kits ordered now through release date are specially  priced at $329.95.


animated gif 

#772.2-72   Illinois Terminal Class B Freight Motor HO Brass Body Kit Double etched brass body (less roof)    $159.95


animated gif

#GR-72   HO Illinois Terminal B SPECIAL ORDER Custom Assembled Body by Roger Chrysler     $549.00

animated gif

#GR-72P   Illinois Terminal B SPECIAL ORDER Custom Assembled with Stanton Power   $749.00

#772.2-72-10 HO Class B Cast Resin Roof       $19.95


animated gif 

#772.2-72-1             HO Bachmann truck mount bracket     $  9.95  


How to  this item now

#772.2-48-72          O Scale Illinois Terminal B pre release FIRM DEPOSIT   $50.00

 [wp_cart:772.2–48-72   O Scale Illinois Terminal B pre release FIRM DEPOSIT:50.00:end]

#50-BTRK                 O Scale Lost Wax Alco 7’2″ truck kit     $70.00        

This kit of 16 lost wax parts is produced to special order. Expect at least  a 6 week delay

#772.2-64-72        S Body Kit Double Etched Brass     $TBA


#772-24-72              ½ inch Scale Body Kit     $TBA



Illinois Terminal Class C Freight Motor


Photo shows an early imported O scale brass model of the impressive Class C. This articulated model rounded 8” radius turns on Boss Merle’s O scale traction layout!

The cab of these articulated giants was the same body as the Class B!

We’ve developed an etched brass  part set of the end platforms with blower box, steps, end details , replacement cab underframe and unique pole platforms & holddown bracket in HO scale.  We expect cast sandboxes (those two “columns” on each end) from another source soon.

#772.2-72C Illinois Terminal Class C Etched Brass Parts (End Porches, cab apron, blower boxes, headlight brackets, pole hold down brackets, etc.) for use with Class B Body kit (sold separately).     $109.95


#772.2-72-CS  Sandboxes for Class C     $TBA



ILLINOIS TERMINAL 1050 Freight Motor O Scale trucks

#50-ITTRK   40 lost wax casting kit produced to order – min wait 6 weeks     $120.00      


And later Illinois Terminal

and California

These modern steel cars raced overnight

shipments over long distances between

Ohio Metro areas and Detroit-the FedEx of

the 1930s. Double etched brass body kit with wood roof. Click here for prototype photo

animated gif #772.2-3.002 C&LE Freight Motor HO  pre-release special price     $169.95


This assembled and painted HO model is inspired by C&LE substations #1200 and #166. Photo etched brass picket fence, molded transformers and cab faithfully replicate these intrigueing cars that will add spice to any HO traction line. These are custom assembled to prepaid order by Grand River Car Shops. Expected delivery 4 – 12 weeks.

animated gif 

#GR-1000   HO Portable Substation SPECIAL ORDER Custom Assembled by Roger Chrysler     $395.00

London and Port Stanley


These steel passenger coaches were favorites of traction fans as they ran to the Erie lakeshore much later than most interurbans survived. Their unique roof and use of pantographs make them easily recognized too.  Powerful, they typically pulled trailers as shown in one of our prototype photos by the late Bill Pepper. Even numbered power cars (trailers were odd numbered) in single digits were 62 footers, the 70 footers were in the teens. Limited edition LTD body kits have double etched brass body parts and milled wood roof. As with all our brass body kits, these are designed for assembly with basic hand tools and modern glues or solder.

The L&PS attracted many railfans as electric operation continued into the 1960s.   Powered passenger cars were even numbered while trailers were odd numbered. The 61 foot cars, #2-10, were the first steel cars built by Jewett Car Co    (Newark, Ohio)   and were so successful that 70 ft cars #12 and 14 followed shortly in 1917—Jewett’s last. Cars 6 and 10 were partially rebuilt after accidents and had select “substitute doors” as a result.        Wreck replacement doors for these cars are sold as parts #772.2-99-6 and #772.2-99-10. Photos of L&PS cars show a variety of pilot configurations resulting during repairs. Pilots in the kits were designed to permit adapting for various configurations. The prototype photo by the late Bill Pepper, a wartime L&PS motorman, is courtesy of his son Bill. Both men have been longtime friends.

Here are 3 test build pics from Roger Chrysler

animated gif #772.2-99 L&PS Steel Coach 62′ HO body kit       $169.95

animated gif #772.2-99-1 L&PS Steel Coach 70′ HO body kit       $169.95









#772.2-99-6 Wreck Replacement Door Car #6     $10.95





772.2-99-10 Wreck Replacement Door Car #10     $10.95






London & Port Stanley 61 & 70 ft Steel cars

2016 pic 1                             2016 pic 2

Our LTD Series kits for the L&PS 62 and 70 foot steel car body kits include uniquely shaped wood roof, etched roof vents, pilots, headlight support brackets, and pan support brackets. The kit is designed to accept the Bowser power and trail trucks but includes bolsters to adapt for installation of other  power truck favorites. The LTD kit floor has mounting holes to accommodate Bowser power and trail truck #125115. It includes bolsters for mounting other popular trucks. Marklin pantograph #441-7218 can be ordered (2 required per car) from Walthers by you or your hobby shop. We do not carry these items.




The L&PS Jewett steel cars typically pulled trailer coach cars. Trailers were not powered but motorman controls in some allowed operation of the train from a trailer. The road had three groups of trailer cars:  Preston Cart Co built #1, 2 and 5 in 1915. These 60 seat coaches had curved “interurban style” ends. LaBelle Woodworking railroad coach kit #20-HO15 can be adapted to model these cars. We anticipate availability of an etched brass car end for this purpose.  Cars #7,9 and 11, also 60 foot coaches, built by St Louis Car Co. had a flatter end and can also be built adapting kit #20-HO15.  Second hand Pennsylvania RR coaches became #13,15,17,19 and can be modeled using LaBelle’s  kit #20-HO4.   The LaBelle kits can be found on our Passenger Car Showroom page in the wooden prototype section. Use prototype photos as guides and to select the appropriate BCW trucks on our PASSENGER car showroom page.


  featuring “new”  but long out of production engines, kits and parts  as well  bargain priced  current products (new in boxes) with firm “buy now”  prices (and showing current msrp so you KNOW your savings ).  YARDSALE listings are changed monthly.



Click here for Price and Availability UPDATES for this catalog page with shared info and photos. Click here for information about RESERVING NEW PRODUCTS and items in other scales. Click here to return to top of this  INTERURBAN CARS PAGE. PLEASE NOTE Parts listings on this page are divided among the car listings: Click here for TURN OF CENTURY WOOD STYLE PASSENGER CARS O and Large  by EAST GARY CAR Click here for more info and shared photos of the CANNONBALL GE STEEPLE CAB Click here for more info and shared photos of the  BRILL 55 MOTORIZED PASSENGER CARSand parts .  Click here for more info, photos and assembly program of the BALDWIN STEEPLE CABS Click here for more photos and info for building the ISC Indiana Service #817 Click here for more info and shared photos about the ILLINOIS TERMINAL CLASS B & C Click here for more info and shared photos about the EAST GARY/ ICC BODY PARTS



Reservations for existing HO kits in other scales are especially welcome.


Click here for link to prototype photo

Links to prototype photos are given for many of these potential kits. Photos for posting are also welcome. After viewing link, return to this page clicking left arrow at top left of your screen.

Indiana Service Corp Wabash Valley Flier (shown ) and Ft Wayne-Lima steel car are out of production. Our former etching firm closed their doors and lost our tooling. 



#10-124  HO Trucks  6 ft wheelbase (unpowered)     $9.95

(Note: This truck is similar to McGuire Cummings 6 ft wheelbase. May also be used with commonly available plastic  Brill city street car models.)

#772.2-48-9711     O   Mc Guire Cummins 2 truck snow sweeper parts $TBA How to  this item now




Click here for an explanation of our FROG reservation system of LTD Series models and a complete updated status of proposed,

potential and scheduled kits in O,S,HO,N & Large scales.(Including many kits not

shown on this page and an invitation to nominate additional kits).


Others—watch for additions to this list. We are doing engineering studies for design of kits for the Cincinnati curved siders.  Unless a large group of folks doing a given city are in the market, we suspect unique city streetcar and trolley coach  potential sales are too limited to warrant the engineering and tooling costs—we’d love to do the Ft Wayne city cars –or any that can be supported by sales.  Our files contain many. Illinois Terminal and IRR (and predecessors) have enjoyed may imports over the years. We like these lines and would love to do them but selection of appropriate prototypes to obtain required sales volume means  groups (formal or informal) need to consider group requests like the S scale folks did to get our Baldwin B&D and troop cars done. That goes for  Lake Shore, CNS&M and other roads with wide following, many prototypes and small groups like N  tractioneers too.

#772.2-352  CD&M Parlor 500-501 HO Body kit     $TBA

#772.2-353 FtD,DM & N Combine #62 arched window HO Body kit                        $TBA

How to  these items now



labelle logo

LaBelle Woodworking Co.

manufactures craftsman wood kits of interurban, steam passenger and freight cars in HO and O scales including narrow gauge cars. Now operating in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the firm has been an industry standard for quality kits for over 30 years. These are their current kit offerings  and are available from  our Prototype Specific Products Model Railroad Warehouse with exceptions as noted in the linked Interurban Updates page.. These kits require assembly using hand tools and wood glue; they are undecorated and do not include trucks, couplers, poles or pans. These kits are recommended for modelers 14 years and older.






20 HO61 #20-HO61 CERA “Boxcar” Trailer                                $27.35

20 HO62

#20-HO62 Ohio lines Trailer                                         $27.95

#20-HO62CD          Decal                                                 $3.50

20 HO63

#20-HO63 Illinois Terminal Trailer                             $27.95


#20-HO63CD Decal                                                          $3.50

20 HO75

#20-HO75 Buffalo, Rochester & Lockport Coach     $41.75

20 HO76

#20-HO76 Buffalo, Rochester & Lockport Combine $41.75

#20-HO 75&76CD  Decal                                                            $3.50

20 HO77

#20-HO77 Sacramento Northern Coach                      $41.75

#20-HO77CD          Decal                                                 $3.50

20 HO78

#20-HO78 Sacramento Northern Combine                 $41.75

#20-HO78CD         Decal                                                 $3.50

20 HO79

#20-HO79 Niles Freight Motor                                               $39.95

20 HO80

#20-HO80 Marion, Bluffton & Eastern Freight Motor            $39.95

#20-HO80CD          Decal                                                 $3.50

20 HO81

#20-HO81 Indianapolis, Columbus & Southern freight motor $39.75

#20-HO81CD          Decal                                                 $3.50

20 HO86

#20-HO86 D&RGW  Gas Motorcar                              $42.99

#20-HO86CD          Decal                                                 $3.50


#20-HO-NIR-CD     Northern Indiana Rwy

#20-HO-NIPC-CD     Northern Indiana Power Co.

#20-HO-LSEC-CD     Lake Shore Electric Coach – red

#20-HO-LSEB-CDR     Lake Shore Electric Boxmotor – red

#20-HO-LSEB-CDB     Lake Shore Electric Boxmotor – black


#20-HO-ITSBT-CD     Illinois Traction Box Trailer – early lettering

#20-HO-ITC-CD     Illinois Traction Coach

#20-HO-CCW-CD     Charles City Western

#20-HO-C&D-CD     Cincinnati & Dayton

#20-HO-P&NR-CD     Piedmont & Northern – gold

#20-HO-PEC-CD     Pacific & Western Coach

#20-HO-PCE-CD     Puget Sound Electric

#20-HO-THI&E-CD Terre Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern

HO TRACTION PARTS  $1.25 each pkg unless noted

20 10 001

#20-10-001     Roof Mat


20 10 002

#20-10-002     Roof Mat small


20 10 003

#20-10-003     Retriever


20 10 004

#20-10-004     Headlight


20 10 006

#20-10-006     Marker Lights


20 10 009

#20-10-009     Pilot


20 10 010

#20-10-010     Anticlimber


20 10 011

#20-10-011     Truss Rod Body Hangar


20 10 012

#20-10-012     Traction Queen post


20 10 013

#20-10-013     Compressor Hangar Bracket


20 10 014

#20-10-014     Resistor


20 10 015

#20-10-015     Air Tank


20 10 016

#20-10-016     Motor Plates


20 10 017

#20-10-017     Compressor Tank


Steps and Stirrups are listed in the PASSENGER CAR page.


20 0 251#20-0-251    Lake Shore Electric Coach     $58.51

20 0 252#20-0-252     Lake Shore Electric Combine     $58.51

#20-251-CD-B     Decal for 251 and 252 black     $5.50

#20-251-CD-R     Decal for 251 or 252 red     $5.50

20 0 253#20-0-253     Lake Shore Electric Box Motor     $58.51

#20-253-CD-B     Decal black-baggage     $5.50

#20-253-CD-E     Decal red-baggage     $5.50

20 0 254#20-0-254     Cincinnati & Dayton Combine     $59.71

#20-254-CD     Decal     $5.50

20 0 255#20-0-255     Northern Indiana Combine     $59.71

#20-255-CD     Decal (Nor. Ind. Power Co.)     $5.50

20 0 256#20-0-256     Ohio Electric Combine     $59.71

These cars used by THI&E; Ohio Electric; Lima & Toledo; Indianapolis; Columbus & Eastern

#20-256-CD     Decal Terre Haute, Indpls & Eastern     $5.50

20 0 261#20-0-261     Sacramento Northern Coach     $59.71

#20-261-CD     Decal     $5.50

20 0 262#20-0-262     Sacramento Northern Combine     $59.71

#20-262-CD     Decal     $5.50

20 A704 Roof rounding kit#20-A704     Roof Rounding Kit     $6.00

LaBelle O Scale parts are listed in the PASSENGER CAR page.

Other O Scale Decals $5.50 each

#20-259-CD     Buffalo, Lockport & Rochester

#20-264-CD     Marion, Bluffton & Eastern (freight motor-gold)

#20-265-CD     Indianapolis, Columbus & Southern (freight motor-gold)

TICHY PARTS (#293-) are highly detailed, injection molded plastic or dimensional phosphor bronze wire.   Wire and HO parts are on our PASSENGER and FREIGHT car pages.  You will also find dimensional wire and cast NBW and rivet heads for all scales on those pages. We strive to keep these parts in stock.


8158_600 insulators#293-8158   Electric Insulators  (24)     $  3.50

                                                                            (heavy PRR in HO, possible use O,S)

#293-8158B  Insulators (600)  special order     $62.00


S Parts:

3501_600 18 drop grabiron S scale#293-3501   18” drop grab iron  (100)     $4.95

3502_600 18 in straight grabiron S scale#293-3502   18” straight grab iron (100)                    $4.95

3504_600 turnbuckles S scale#293-3504 Turnbuckles cored (24)                            $4.95

3505_600 lamp reflectors S scale#293-3505 Outside Lamp reflectors (12)                   $4.95

3508_600 splice plates S scale#293-3508 Splice Plates for 12” channel                     $4.95

 rust color with bolt heads 10 pieces 44”;16 pieces 40”

O Parts:

2056_600 work car window 28 x 28animated gif#293-2056 Work Car window 28″w x 28″h styrene w/glazing (6) $3.50

[wp_cart:293-2056 Work Car window 28″w x 28″h styrene w/glazing (6)price:3.50:end]

2057_600 work car window 20 x 28animated gif#293-2057 Work Car window 20″w x 28″h styrene w/glazing (6) $3.50

[wp_cart:293-2057 Work Car window 20″w x 28″h styrene w/glazing (6)price:3.50:end]

2043_600 fire escape O scale#293-2043   Classic Structural Fire Escape                 $4.95

2001_600 18 in drop grabiron O scale#293-2001  Grab Irons 18” drop (50)    .020 wire           $4.95

2002_600 18 in straight grabiron O scale#293-2002   Grab Irons 18” straight (50)                    $4.95

2003_600 roof corner grabirons O scale#293-2003   Roof Corner Irons (25)                              $4.95

2004_600 turnbuckles O scale#293-2004   Turnbuckles cored .032 (24)                       $4.95

2005_600 lamp reflectors O scale#293-2005   Outside lamp reflector  (12)                   $4.95

2007_600 stirrup steps O scale#293-2007   Stirrup straight side mount (20)                        $3.50

2008_600 stirrup steps O scale#293-2008   Stirrup straight bottom  mount (20)             $3.50

2009_600 stirrup steps O scale#293-2009   Stirrup slant bottom mount (20)                        $3.50

2015_600 16 in brakewheel O scale#293-2015   Brake wheel early 16” strt spoke(10)                 $3.50

2016_600 3 in queenposts O scale#293-2016   Queen post 3” (27)                                                $3.50

2018_600 6 in qweenposts O scale#293-2018   Queen post 6” (27)                                                $3.50

2019_600 10 in queenposts O scale#293-2019   Queen post 10” (27)                                  $3.50

2026_600 splice plates O scale#293-2026   Splice plates for 9” channel                      $3.50                                                                

rust color w/ bolt heads 10 pieces 34”; 16 pieces 30”

2027_600 splice plates O scale#2.50                                                                

rust color w/ bolt heads 10 pieces 44”; 16 pieces 40”

2042_600 eyebolts all scales

#293-2042   Eyebolt (64) plastic .025 sten .032 hole     $3.50

2023_600 55 gal steel drums#293-2023   Drum 55 gal (4) w/lid, fire lid                 $3.50

2024_600 55 gal steel drums and pallet O scale#293-2024   Drum 55 gal (15)+4 pallets                     $20.00


Jan 1, 2017. As they have no web presence the following information remains posted here as a REFERENCE service to our traction modelling friends.  East Garry Car Co. address is 3828 St. Joseph Court, Lake Station, IN 46405. Latest known prices are shown here.


We stock EGC styrene body parts in O scale and items with “Buy Now” buttons. We will special order all half inch scale items and other O itens listed. The special order items are not in our shopping cart but require advance payment– Please send an e mail listing wanted items and shipping address.  We will reply with a paypal request for payment or quote allowing check or credit card arrangements. These special order items are produced to order and 3-6 week wait should be expected.



#50-100 Body panel with rectangular upper sash and inserts shown (in order

top to bottom: Niles, St Louis, Cincinnati and clerestory) also suited to steam RR passenger cars each    $3.00


#50-200 Body panel  with arched upper sash and inserts shown (in order Jewett, clerestory, clerestory)each $3.00

#50-102  Passenger Door  $1.75

#50-103 Body Panel, oval window $1.75

#50-104 Baggage Door   $1.75 

#50-205 Body Panel 3 single arch window  $2.50

#50-E9  Steam Car End   $3.00

#50-V9  Vestibule/Bulkhead         $1.50


Arched ends for O Scale  Interurban Cars $3.00 each

#50-C1 Slight Arch

#50-C2 Slight Arch

#50-C3 Slight Arch

#50-A1 Medium Arch


White Metal  O Scale Parts

Notice: White metal parts contain lead and are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Birth Defects. Not for use by persons under 18 years old. Do not inhale or ingest lead dust and wash thoroughly after working with these parts.

#50-EL1         Baldwin Sideframes (CSS&SB Baldwin E Class) set of 4   $14.95

#50-ET10       S Shore Battery Box                                                                  $ 2.50

#50-ET9         Baggage Door Arch Top each                                                    $2.50

#50-ET8         Side Vestibule Door Arch Top  each                                         $2.50

Special Order O Scale EGC Parts


#50-ET1         Double Arch Window                                               2/        $2.50

#50-ET2         Large Single Arch Window                                      2/        $2.25

#50-ET3         Medium Single Arch Window                                  Ea        $1.50

#50-ET4         Small Single Arch Window                                       Ea        $1.25

#50-ET5         Oval Window                                                             Ea        $1,25

#50-ET6         Strap Step w.brace                                                    Ea        $1,25

#50-ET7         Train Door                                                                 Ea        $1.50


#50-EL2         Heavy electric Side frames set of 4                                     $16.95

#50-DL2         Freight Pilot for Atlas F9                                                      $7.50

#50-DL`          Armstrong Bracket (pr) (Bolsters) for Atlas F9                $4.00


#50-1001       9” Turret Lathe Kit                                                               $24.00

#50-1002       6” Turret Lathe Kit                                                               $19.00


These parts and trucks are produced to order. Minimum delivery time 6  weeks.

#50-U1 Contactor Case GE                                                                          $8.00

#50-U2 Line Switch GE                                                                                 $8.00

#50-U20 Resistance Grid GE RG                                                                 $3.75

#50-U21 Resistance Grid GE CG                                                                  $3.75

#50-U30 Headlight Resistance Box Crouse-Hinds                                   $2.75

#50-U40 Motor Cutout Box                                                                         $3.75

#50-U50 Reverser GE RB 13                                                                       $7.00

#50-U60 Fuse box   (CSL)                                                                            $2.75

#50-U61 Fuse box   G.E.  MA-19-A                                                              $3.75

#50-U70 Control jumper receptacle                                                           $2.75

#50-U71 Buss jumper receptacle                                                               $2.75

#50-U110 Air pump strainer  Westinghouse                                            $2.00

#50-U112 Brake  chain sheave                                                                   $2.75

#50-U115 Tank end  welded  15”                                                               $3.25

#50-U116 Tank end  recessed  15”                                                             $3.25

#50-U117 Tank end  recessed  18”                                                             $3.25

#50-U150 Over truss anchor                                                                      $2.75

#50-U151 Turnbuckle                                                                                  $TBA

#50-R1 Stack (ITS)                                                                                       $4.25

#50-R10 Vent  Utility round  Jet  10-1/2” dia.                                           $3.25

#50-R11 Vent  Utility round  Jet  13-1/2” dia.                                           $3.25

#50-R12 Vent  Utility intake                                                                        $3.25

#50-C1 Headlight  (CSL)                                                                              $3.25

#50-C10  Retriever Earll                                                                              $2.50

#50-C11  Retriever OB#5                                                                            $2.50

#50-C15  Catcher  (CSL)                                                                              $2.75

#50-C16  Catcher OB                                                                                    $2.50

#50-C20  Marker light bracket                                                                    $TBA

#50-C21  Market light receptacle                                                                $1.75


½” scale Special Order Lost Wax trolley parts list  

 Patterns by Bill Clouser

#50-WC1  C&LE journal box and lid includes brake shoe                     $9.00

#50-WC2  Seat frame                                                                                   $5.75

#50-WC3  C&LE roof vent                                                                           $6.50

#50-WC4  Seat                                                                                              $5.50

#50-WC5  C&LE wheel unmachined metal similar to nickel silver        $8.50 ea

#50-WC6  PCC wheel unmachined metal similar to ns                            $8.50 ea

#50-WC8  Stanchion parts                                                                           $3.25

#50-WC9  RR crossing sign (cross buck)                                                   $9.25

#50-WC11  Table                                                                                          $6.00

#50-WC12  Large sofa seat                                                                         $7.00

#50-WC13  Short seat                                                                                  $5.50

#50-WC14  Sofa frame                                                                                 $5.50

½” Scale Traction TRUCKS(lost wax, steel wheels,UNPOWERED)

#50-2401  Standard C-80-P interurban                                                     $115.00

#50-2402  Cincinnati Car Co. archbar                                                        $75.00

#50-2403  C&LE Red Devil trucks                                                              $90.00

#50-2404  Brill 177EX trucks                                                                      $90.00

#50-2505   Cincinnati St Ry #100 series cars                                           $90.00                                                (Specify truck gauge you are using please).

Misc  Spcl Order Whitemetal Parts ½” Scale  (Suited to F and G Scale use)

#50-G500  Stirrups                                                                           12/      $5.50

#50-G501  Fireman’s clinker hook & grate rake                          set       $2.00

#50-G502  Steam whistles                                                               2/        $2.50

#50-G503  Stake pockets                                                                 12/      $5.50

#50-G506  Steam gauges                                                                 2/        $2.00

#50-G508  NBW’s                                                                             60/      $5.50

#50-G509  Bolt/washers                                                                 60/      $5.50




MRRW’s “Boss Merle” assisted Bill Pepper in building this Grand River freight motor model. They’ve enjoyed RIDING it on Pepper’s nearby outdoor layout for years. Would you be surprised if an HO model appeared in our lineup? This model has about 25,000 rivets, individually installed.

East Penn National Show Report

MRRW proudly debuted two new traction models at the Philadelphia show in May 2013. We also announced five additional HO models coming in 2013  and, based on the advanced reservations reserved, we expect to also introduce the Illinois Terminal Class B Freight motor in O and likely in S scale this year—(assuming advanced reservations continue at the current pace).


Our test sheet model of the HO  Illinois Terminal Class B was being constructed by Roger Chrysler [Grand River Models]. Minor revisions to the tooling were completed in June and we expect to release the kit in July. Resin roofs are coming soon for this brass body. Merle is busily updating the instructions. Photos of Roger building this car are posted on the linked Illinois Terminal page of our website. The kit includes bolsters for mounting currently available power trucks. A bracket for mounting the early Bachmann 44/70T powered trucks is also available.

The Indiana Service #817 freight motor BUILT UP was shown. This motor has a unique traction character and may now be ordered either painted & lettered ISC (as shown) or unlettered, painted solid color. The model is supplied powered with Bowser mechanism and has Bowser poles.



Illinois Terminal Class C end platform kits have been engineered and HO test sheets run. This kit, along with the Class B body, allow construction of the classic 4 truck model. Reservations accepted in other scales.

London and Port Stanley steel 62 & 70 foot passenger cars tooling is underway with winter release of these brass bodied, wood roofed HO body kits.

C&LE Steel Cincinnati built Freight Motor tooling is nearly completed with fall release of the kit in HO expected. Reservations are accepted in other scales as well.  These later saw service on Illinois Terminal and went to California

PORTABLE SUBSTATION inspired by 2 C&LE prototypes with their exposed, flat car mounted transformers and cabin will be offered as an HO built up by Grand River Car Shop.  This eye catching model belongs on every interurban layout.  

Other notes of interest- we were not surprised by the large number of folks purchasing the large Center Line brick sheets (especially in O scale). You need to see them to believe their quality.  We showed the HOMETOWN Corner Drug Store pre release, production model. Additional reservations and interest were shown in the “Possible Future Kits” (listed on our FUTURE PRODUCTS page. New nominations will soon be added to that listing too.

We had a registration box for a drawing to give away one of our HO GE Steeple Cab kits.  W.Jay Wanczyk of Pompton Plains, NJ should be watching his mail box for its arrival shortly.  We should have had an award for the person who checked back most often or watched most carefully while Roger built the Illinois Terminal B. The winner would have been Franklin Graham. (He had a lot of completion). You’ll see him in the posted pictures of the IT construction progress. 

Volkmar Meier (from Paris, France) was in the booth directly behind us.  That helped accelerate our research into 3D printing. We’ll just say at this point that one of our own CAD men has some industrial experience (and software) in this area and that we have focused on particular traction models most appropriate for the technology and our continued engineering efforts.  We will announce, too, that we have made arrangements to begin listing certain Q Car products—those directly applicable to our own kits.

CCI06282013_00003 Bea show report


Here is Boss Merle’s wife Bea- at our table showing HOMETOWN KITS, CENTERLINE BUILDING SHEETS, LaBelle KITS and traction books from our YARDSALE page.

CCI06282013_00001 Merle Roger show report

Merle is shown here with our traction kits.  Sharp eyes will also spot the Clouser North Shore body from his own collection that was sold by silent auction.

CCI06282013_00001 Merle Roger about us

And the star of our show, Roger Chrysler, showing folks that kit building is alive and well as they (and he) first saw our Illinois Terminal Class B body kit.




Click here for Price and Availability UPDATES for this catalog page with shared info and photos. Click here for information about RESERVING NEW PRODUCTS and items in other scales. Click here to return to top of this  INTERURBAN CARS PAGE. PLEASE NOTE Parts listings on this page are divided among the car listings: Click here for TURN OF CENTURY WOOD STYLE PASSENGER CARS O amd Large  by EAST GARY CAR Click here for more info and shared photos of the CANNONBALL GE STEEPLE CAB Click here for more info and shared photos of the  BRILL 55 MOTORIZED PASSENGER CARSand parts .  Click here for more info, photos and assembly program of the BALDWIN STEEPLE CABS Click here for more photos and info for building the ISC Indiana Service #817 Click here for more info and shared photos about the ILLINOIS TERMINAL CLASS B & C Click here for more info and shared photos about the EAST GARY/ ICC BODY PARTS  CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR YARDSALE  featuring “new”  but long out of production engines, kits and parts  as well  bargain priced  current products (new in boxes) with firm “buy now”  prices (and showing current msrp so you KNOW your savings ).  YARDSALE listings are changed monthly.



“There will be a price increase coming, just as soon as I can shake the accounting mountain I am working on.  Existing prices will apply to the orders we have on hand, but there will be little to no notice once I get new pricing calculated.  We have had several supplier price increases in the past 24 months or so since I reviewed pricing last.  Other pricing pressures have been mounting especially related to several recent regulatory changes.  Some of these changes we are not only experiencing directly, but each of our suppliers have had similar impacts that are affecting the prices we pay them.  It is a sad circumstance that government officials don’t seem to understand, but this impact is a growing factor in manufacturing life.  Sorry to be the messenger.”

OPEN STOCK -IN STOCK All items on this showroom page are open stock and IN STOCK OR IN TRANSIT unless they are noted for reservation OR listed in the PAGE UPDATE as temporarily unavailable.  Exceptions and details on reservations are: SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS These items are tooled and are available on a custom order basis rather than open stock. KIT Delivery depends on the production schedule of our etchers but is typically 3-6 weeks. Firm orders with payment by credit card, website shopping cart,  check or money order is required INTERURBAN PAGE:  S SCALE Baldwin Class B and Class D Steeple Cab kits GRAND RIVER MODELS Custom assembled Baldwin B & D in O, S or HO;  Brill 55 in O or HO ;  ISC #817 in O or HO EAST GARY CAR CO  details, trucks etc.         We stock only their (former ICC)  O scale styrene body components. IMMINENT RELEASE ITEMS—RESERVE BEFORE RELEASE AT PRE RELEASE PRICING SHOWN These items are tooled or tooling nearing completion. Production is expected within the year. They must be reserved before release for the prerelease price posted. Reserve NOW by:                     1) Phone or mail giving credit card (Visa or MC) information name and address. Card will be charged when shipped our address Model RR Warehouse, PO Box 411, Roanoke, IN 46783 OR      2) Sending one email (subject line “RESERVATION for…) per item giving quantity  & scale wanted;  name and address (both mailing and UPS delivery) and phone in case email bounces We will send an email for easy paypal email; phone;  or mail payment when ready to ship. IF YOU CHANGE email address: don’t just tell us—send a new reservation from the new address.   You will not be put on an emailing list. Your message will be filed in a reservation folder and any updates and the call for payment will be personal email replies.  Our address: mrrwarehouse (at)               OR 3) Any checks or money orders will be cashed when received (at Model Railroad Warehouse, PO Box 411, Roanoke, IN 46783) and order is firm Any shopping cart orders will be charged when order is placed and order is firm.  ALL BUILTUP and SPECIAL  ORDERS REQUIRE A DEPOSIT OF  AMOUNT STATED ON WEBPAGE LISTING   WITH BALANCE DUE WHEN READY TO SHIP. INTERURBAN PAGE Illinois Terminal Class B  Freight Motors expected late Spring 2013  shows the prototype at Natl. Museum of Transp in St. Louis. Illinois Terminal Class C Freight Motors HO;  Summer 2013  shows prototype at St Louis museum. C&LE/Ill Term/Central Calif/PE  Steel Freight Motor HO  Fall 2013  Indiana Service #817 custom  builtup O & HO models.  ( Prototype photo links from ISC 817 linked page) READY FOR FINAL TOOLING STEPS – BUT NEED ADDITIONAL RESERVATIONS IN ORDER FOR US  TO PROCEED. RESERVE using # 2 method listed above.Send no money.  Scheduling will depend on firm reservations. INTERURBAN PAGE:  2 Truck McGuire Cummins 2 truck snow sweeper O & HO Baldwin Class E Freight Motor (CSS&SB, ILL CENTRAL) HO, O A unique Baldwin Class A All current or announced brass HO model kits  in O, S or N or 1/20 or 1/24 Scale  Our S scale offerings were made possible by an S modeler soliciting orders among his friends to accomplish the minimum required to adapt our tooling to S and produce the kits. Reruns in and scale depend upon sufficient additional demand.   NOMINATIONS FOR POSSIBLE FUTURE KITS Preliminary engineering of these kits has been done. Advance reservations will determine whether we proceed with tooling. Use method # 2 outlined above. If you’d like to add items to this list, please send returnable photos & plans or dimensioned sketches (w/ SSAE) for our consideration.  Steel streetcars & interurbans, heavyweight or modernized passenger & baggage-express cars are particularly suited for consideration Wood or steel cabooses considered as well—our former Red Ball caboose project is stirring. INTERURBAN PAGEOurExisting HO or previous etched brass kits (specify quantity in each scale wanted) Any dealers or clubs wishing “exclusive” models may have 1 or 2 year exclusive rights upon introduction with sufficient reservations. True Exclusive rights require significant tooling investment. 

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. 


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