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cannonballlogo blue webCAR BUILDER’S PARTS



N scale Composite Gondola

#772.2-160-100     40ft Composite Gondola Car side N scale pr     $3.50


N scale Mill gondola

#772.2-160-200     65ft Mill Gondola Car side N scale pr     $3.50

#772.2-160-300     Stamped Brass Car Ladder Stock   2-6in pcs     $3.50






Double etched brass sides to fit the KD troop sleeper cars converting them to prototypical troop car conversions made by US railroads and common in express service 1948-Amtrak and continuing in M of W service.


#772.2-160-4003   NYC/ REA Sides & door- N scale                                       $21.95   

Inside door car with plain steel door. REA cars were #8200-8299 and NYC were #9400-9599. NYC cars were both 2 tone gray and solid gray. Outside door cars were interspersed in the series and many were converted to inside door with door tracks remaining outside on some



#772.2-160-4004  New Haven Express & Mail Car sides N scale            $21.95




Includes 2 panel riveted door

NH had some other door style(s)

Express/Baggage cars #3700-3762; Storage mail cars #3600-3686 and #3700-3762




#772.2-160-4005  C&O Express sides & doors N scale                              $21.95

C&O #364-376 and later B&O #1800-1813 This car has six foot doors.



#772.2-160-4006  B&O Express Boxcar Sides  N scale                          $21.95

This car was equipped with 7 foot doors spaced so cars on adjacent tracks could be crossed with forklifts. (Typical 6 foot door cars had off center doors). Frisco #450-451; B&O #1700-1799 with many continuing as tool cars etc. into  21st century CSX service. 




#772.2-160-4099 M&StL Express Baggage Sides & Doors N scale                    $21.95




#772.2-160-41XX   Outside Door Express car sides N Scale                             $21.95

" >



#772.2-160-4098 B&M Express Sides & Doors  N Scale                           $21.95




#772.2-160-4104  N Scale  B&M  Two Door Baggage Express car  sides & doors $21.95




B & M Doors from 772.2-4098 are shown installed in the car picture above.  Five lite doors shown are supplied in 772.2-4104. We understand the B & M enterchanged both style doors in their 2 and 4 door cars.









Markle Mill


The wooden grain elevator was once more common than barber shops in many American towns. Then they were covered with corrugated steel siding.  Those surviving today at rail side are surrounded by steel bins and pipe delivery systems. In the 1970s our prototype was located along the (now gone) Erie RR mainline.  Larger, but similar, mills were common in the wheat belt.  

#197-43010N          N   Markle Mill     $  8.99



Mail Pouch didn’t charge a dime to paint one side of your barn. They had a travelling crew and it really got around in mid-America. The Whitehall folks even co-operated with us! – though they left the painting to us.  This barn is a typical “bank barn” that housed livestock in the first level with feed and machinery on the second, hay and straw for the stock was above that- and sometimes chickens too if rows of very small windows were in place.. Access for tractor or horse drawn wagons was on “the far side” that was either built into an embankment or had an earthen bank to the second story entrance. This somewhat protected livestock from harsh cold  as well.  The HO silo requires an empty  bathroom tissue tube. Silo not included in O/S model. HO kit on distant O/S hills; N kit on distant HO hills is suggested. HO kit has choice of  size doors to use as large foreground N model to distant for larger scales.

#197-43001-N              N  Mail Pouch Barn & Silo     $  7.00




This style barn was very common in the “hill country” where large grain fields were impossible.  Row crops  limited the  type of livestock to work animals and hillside grazing dairy herds as well. Along roads leading to the south (US 27 and US 41) advertisements to “See Rock City” at Lookout Mountain were commonly painted on the roofs while other “tourist” highways [of the pre Interstate era] often found signs suggesting your film should be mailed to FoJo Studios in DeSoto, Missouri for development. We are told the rooftop painters carefully planned their possible landing areas in choosing barns to use.  Hometown has your bases covered. Glenn’s barn has its roof oriented for southbound travelers while the Missouri Mule barn sports a FoJo signboard for westbound travelers in an era when the US center of population was drifting around in Indiana and early diesels were challenging steam power. These mule barns outlasted both.

#197-43002-N                 N Glenn’s Mule Barn “See Rock City”            $  5.75


#197-43003-N                  N Missouri Mule Barn “FoJo”                $  5.75                              


Delta Sharecropper’s Saltbox

with board fence and outhouse


As settlers built more permanent homes, the saltbox was an extremely popular style. The prototype for this board and bat house was located in the Illinois “delta” near the Ohio and Mississippi but it was very commonplace elsewhere.

#197-41005-N              N Delta Sharecropper’s Saltbox           $  5.00             


Miller’s Saltbox

with picket fence, flowers on trellis  and laundry


In fact the saltbox showed up in town too as nicely painted wood siding homes. Mrs. Miller has need of a clothesline if you can spare a toothpick and thread.

#197-41010-N                      N Miller’s Saltbox               $  5.00            


Quonset Hut


This result of wartime efficiency became commonplace around the country in a wide variety of sizes.Use it on farnsm as stores or storage sheds. Our HO/N model includes doors to permit making a large N scale hut. The model requires use of an empty kitchen salt box as a core,

#197-44001             HO/N   Quonset Hut     $  5.75                                             



This style was not a signature of the Nickle Plate because it was often found elsewhere too. The board and bat structure can serve two boxcars at trackside with freight doors and platform  for teamster on the other side. The kit could be shortened to one car length or two kits combined for a four car freight house with a left-over yard office.

#197-22011-N                       N NKP Freight House       $  8.00                         


Sewell Engine House

The narrow gauge Mann’s Creek Railroad carried timber and coal down Sewell Mountail to ther C&O at Sewell West Virginia. This stone engine house served their Shays well, biut has returned to dust. In your town it could serve as a trolley barn or a repair business might have bought it when the railroad shut down. Or the volunteer fire department?  Such a solid stone building could have bany uses at the right price.

#197-32001-N            N  Sewell Engine House        $  7.50                                


Center Line – by Craftsman Lithograph Structural Sheets    8 ½ x 11   &   11x 17

Seven Colors of Brick with gray mortar in HO, N, O, S and 1/20 Scales


Bright Red   Old Red   Dark Red    Clinker Red    Taupe   Yellow-tan      Maroon

 Two prototype colors of InsulBrick  – Red and Tan

 Aged Corrugated Steel Siding/Roofing           Corrugated Steel (aged)

Plus a wide selection of other roofing materials, tile and block walls

Utility Plant Wall

                 Curtin Wall

And introducing two all new  Large Factory Wall sheets                                                                                     


Carefully crafted colors are applied and baked to special heavy weight papers with appropriate texture to recreate prototypical appearance. The mortar is light gray. Insulbrick was matched to actual samples. Structural sheets are offered in popular modeling scales for model railroad, model farm diorama and dollhouse hobbiests and professionals. Our 8 ½ x 11 inch sheets are offered in both vertical and horizontal format for either “tall” or “wide” applications. Our 11 x 17” sheets are horizontal format. Sheets are easily installed using glue stick or rubber cement, these structural sheets may be cut with scissors or hobby knife.  Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light is not recommended. The scales we offer are “N” (1/160 scale); “HO” (1/87 scale); “S” (1/64 scale); “O” (1/48 scale) and “F” (1/120.3 scale—suited for dollhouse ½” scale and G scale trains).      Price is $2.95 each for  8 1/2 x 11” sheet  and  $5.95 each large 11 x 17” sheet*.  Horizontal Factory walls are 11 x 17 in N, HO, S and O scales at $7.50 each. Sizes in stock are in your scale choice button. We are working towards getting all sizes available in all colors as soon as possible.

Assorted colors: Old, Dark, Bright and Clinker reds for use above doors & windows                                      

#66-011 Bright Red Brick wide      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-013 Bright Red Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

Common 1800s to today  Little color variation                                                                                                                            

#66-020 Old Red Brick tall      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-201 Old Red Brick wide      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-202 Old Red Brick large tall      11 x 17     $5.95

#66-203 Old Red Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

Light orange to pinkish; variations scattered                                                                                                                                

#66-221 Dark Red Brick wide      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-223 Dark Red Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95


#66-243 Clinker Red Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95




Darker old brick with extreme variations in color                                                                                                                      

#66-025 Taupe Brick tall      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-252 Taupe Brick large tall      11 x 17     $5.95

#66-253 Taupe Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

Common after WWI & earlier where clay was this color                                                                                                           

#66-032 Yellow/Tan Brick tall      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

#66-322 Yellow/Tan Brick large tall      11 x 17     $5.95


 #66-323 Yellow/Tan Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

Similar to Taupe; Residential and Retail businesses                                                                                                                   

#66-443 Maroon Brick large wide     11 x 17     $5.95

More modern Residential, Retail and Institutions                                                                                                                      

Sheeting with black “mortar”

#66-2052 Tan Insulbrick      11 x 17     $5.95

#66-206  Clinker Red Insulbrick      8 ½ x 11     $2.95

Not Available at this time

Sheeting with black “mortar”

#66-2062 Clinker Red Insulbrick      11 x 17     $5.95

N SCALE UPDATES posted November 2015

All items shown above are in stock 4/1/15
Red Ball Pennsylvania Stock Car
Red Ball Pennsylvania Stock Car

A Special Note About steel stock cars PRR, B&O, Erie, Wabash

Merle Rice (MRRW  “boss” and the Red Ball/Cannonball “Chief Engineer” from 1975) had personal acquaintance with J Harklerode, at the PRR Fort Wayne  Shops. He claimed to have “invented” the Pennsy 50ft steel stock cars in the 1960s by cutting holes in the steel sides of 50ft round roof auto/box cars and installing slats inside.  About this time  I photographed similar round roof cars on the Wabash, the Erie (more conventional style  but with an unusual dreadnaught end) and the B&O.  The B&O cars were lengthened  40ft  “X29” (that’s what modelers call them, not really the B&O class)  to 50ft and had flat plate ends. B&O S1 classes were single deck (cattle/horse) and S2 were double deck (hogs & sheep). I started to develop the earliest Red Ball  brass kits to bring these kits to model railroaders. While our pilot model PRR car was with our former advertising agency the ad work was mysteriously delayed then a resin kit maker near them brought out a kit for it. We changed agencies before bringing out the B&O kit and ran it in O, S, HO, and N scales.  The Wabash and Erie kits waited for B&O fans to replenish our initial tooling costs –which they didn’t.  We’ve just uncovered a few B&O and PRR body kits and parts run back in the 80s (In all 4 scales) You’ll find them listed on this page.  Mostly they are one or two of a kind, as well as handful of usable factory rejects.

Etched brass sides, doors, ends and roof seams are included in the B&PO offerings. Northeastern wood roof and floor, grabs, door guides, stirrups, brake and underbody detail must be added to complete construction of the cars.  The S2 has additional holes in the end and “half height” doors, otherwise the S1 & S2 cars appear alike.

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Con Cor Boxed set MONON, Hoosier Line  F3 A&B, 3 passenger cars red & gray scheme  missing box label $150

Motive Power

Life Like #778 AT&SF  0-6-0T  $30

Car kits and factory assembled are new in package

Signature Series Mann’s Creek Log Car brass etching parts slight imperfections    to build 12 or more cars add stripwood frame & bunk pieces $6

RED BALL truss rod flatcar kit #401  $3 (1 avail)

RED BALL 40ft Composite Gondola Kit #4761 $4 (1 avail)

Bev Bel  50th Anniversary Boxcar  $10 SOLD

Red Ball  B&O S1 Stock car etched brass sides,ends,doors  $25 (2 avail)

Red Ball B&O S1 Stock car as described  above, discolored  $15  (12 avail)

Red Ball once offered a pickle car kit., parts to convert your flat car:  tubs, w/wood wraps,roof  $2

Aurora Postage Stamp  #4869  B&M blue 50ft Covered Hopper $7 SOLD

Bachmann #5101 Celanex 41ft Chemical Tank Car  $7 SOLD

IHC no#  Grand Trunk 90ft 4 door boxcar $7

Red Ball etched brass parts to build B&O 50’ S1 steel stick car (sides,ends,doors)  $30 ea  (3 avail) (not in orig. pkg)

Red Ball Erie HD Flat Car brass side/end etching set (not in orig pkg)  $12

Red Ball P&LE HD Flat car brass side/end etching set (not in orig pkg)  $12 (2 avail) SOLD

Arnold Rapido   PRR 3 deck Auto Rack Car $13

Arnold Rapido PRR 86ft Hi Cube boxcar $13

Arnold Rapido TTX Flat Car $7

Tichy #2703    Crew Car         $9/$6 SOLD

Tichy #2708    Composite Gondola+  $9/$6 SOLD

Tichy #2702    Repair Car       $9/$6 SOLD

Tichy #27007  High Side Beet Gondola+  $9/$6 SOLD

Red Ball (pre 1975) was testing the N waters and printed a sheet of scribed boxcar sides.  2 sheet set  $5 includes sides for 10 “wood” boxcars:  PRR Union Line; Colorado Midland; Southern Pacific ; B&O Globe Line; Pennsylvania; LSLPP Overland Fast Freight; Rome Watertown & Ogdensberg Northern New England Red Line; Hocking Valley; Pennsylvania Empire Line; Tonopah & Tidewater.

Wheel Works N Speeder (2 in kit) # 92-150    $6

Walthers Containers 2 your choice asstd  $6: Conrail Mercury, Itel, CN Laser, Genstar, APL, Undec, CAST




CASSETTE TAPES FOLK RAILROAD (new $5 each)   $3.50  or 2/$6   

SINGING RAILS Wayne Erbsen: Cannonball Blues, Railroading on the Great Divide, On The Dummy Line, Nine Hundred Miles, John Henry, The Death of Edward Lewis, Freight Train Boogie, Lonesome Pine Special, Train on the Island, Railroad Bill, Railroadin & Gamblin, , Swannananoa Tunnel, Poor Casey, Midnight Special

RAILROADING CLASSICS 16 Great Instrumentals, Wayne Erbsen : Wabash Cannonball, Railroad Corral, Paddy on the Railway, The Lightning Express, Casey Jones, L&N Rag, Freight Train, New Lost Train, Wreck of the Old 97, In The Pines, Kansas City Railroad Blues, On The Dummy Line, New River Train, Reuben’s Train, Lost Train Blues, Nine Hundred Miles,  



Prototype and general modelling books are found on the HO YARDSALE page


N Scale Track Plans by Russ Larson  new soft cover $4.50



IHC #5311 Country Circus 24×36”  (2avail)    $2.50ea



N Scale STRUCTURES & DETAIL ITEMS (new in package)

Hometown #9781 Vinegar Works   $15  rare SOLD

Hometown #9685 RR Water Tank $7 rare SOLD

Tichy #2600 Wood RR water Tower (styrene kit) + $18/$12 (2 avail)

Tichy #2601 Signal Tower (styrene kit) $10/$6.75  (2 avail) SOLD

Broadway Limited Elevated Crossing Watchman Shanty #165 (brass, painted  yellow w/green trim) $15SOLD   

IHC  Colonial House Kit 2009  $4

Walthers Containers 2 your choice asstd  $8/$6: NS Triple Crown, Conrail Mercury, Itel, CN Laser, APC, Genstar, APL, Undec, Maersk,JB Hunt , CAST, BN America  one 48’; Santas Fe one 48’; Mitsui OSK 40ft; Happag Lloyd 40ft; Evergreen 40ft


Kibri #7154 Cathedral  $35



#2501 Dbl Hung Windows (12),masonry $3 (2 avail)

#2506 Round Top Windows (12) $3 (3 avail)

#2507 Small Round Top Window (12) $3 (6 avail)

#2508 6/6 Dbl Hung Window (12) $3 (6 avail)

#2509 2/2 Dbl Hung Window (12) $3 (5 avail)

#2510 6 Lite Window (12) $3 (5 avail)

#2511  Loading Dock Door (3) $3  (1 avail)_

#2518 Work Car Window(12) $3 (1 avail)


SAILING SHIPS plastic kits by Heller, new in pkg

#71212 Cutty Sark  1/500  $8

#80131 Le Penix 1/600      $8

#80127 Le Superbe 1.500  $8

#79861 Pourquoi- Pas 1/400  $8


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