O, S and Large Scale

O, S and Large Scale

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LaBelle Woodworking Kits on this page  

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            Closeout, while our stock lasts —-See details below



Sufficient reservation deposits were received in October 2016 to place final tooling in our allotted final tooling workspace slot with our contractors.  Our goal for release is late winter/early spring (2017). This will be a double etched brass body kit designed, like our HO kit, for construction using hand tools and either solder or modern ACC adhesive products. The O body kit does not include roof, handrails, grabs, trucks, poles or detail castings such as headlights. A $50 deposit per kit is required on advance orders.  Kits ordered now through  release date are specially  priced at $329.95.

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#772.2-48-72          O Scale Illinois Terminal B pre release FIRM DEPOSIT   $50.00


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cannonballlogo blue web                                                              Signature_LTD_logo_new

LTD Series kits and car sides 

LTD Series products extensively employ double etched brass parts that are normally created FIRST for HO models—but designed so that they may be reasonably retooled in larger scales. This tooling expense can only be justified when sufficient interest has been shown by advance reservations. Please visit the HO PASSENGER CAR, FREIGHT CAR and INTERURBAN pages for potential kits and email your reservations to indicate your intent to purchase specific items in your scale. The kits listed below are now available because of sufficient requests from individuals, groups, clubs and retail stores. LTD Interurban kits are designed for assembly using hand tools and either solder or MODERN CEMENTS


(More extensive information on these body kits is found on and linked to our  INTERURBANS page) Note: LTD Models that are nearing sufficient reservations for  O or S tooling are the Illinois Terminal Class B, C&LE  and Baldwin Class B1 freight motors, and the CD&M cars. LTD and LaBelle Woodworking undecorated body kits do not include trucks, power, poles/pans & detail castings



Grand River Car Shops logo web

Baldwin Class B & Class D Steeple Cabs O & S 

Kits    Custom Assembled




Roger  Chrysler’s own HO Baldwin D steeple cabs detailed for Lake Erie & Northern.


Assembled O scale Class B shown is the basic carbody kit. Class D is similar in appearance, larger and with other detailing.



LTD Baldwin steeple cab bodies are designed for assembly using simple hand tools and super glue or solder.   Bolster straps are included in other scales for mounting trucks of your choice. For more prototype info on Baldwin Steeple Cabs; to view kit instructions and construction photos, as well as photos of models shared by our customers click here

CLICK HERE. Additional Prototype and kit instructions Photos

#772.2-48-100 O Baldwin Class B Freight Motor Body kit     $269.95

#772.2-48-102 O Baldwin Class D Freight Motor body kit     $269.95

#772.2-64-100 S Baldwin Class B Freight Motor Body Kit     $269.95

#772.2-64-102 S Baldwin Class D Freight Motor Body kit     $269.95

Click to see Baldwin O sideframes in East Gary parts list 


Custom built-up models of B and D class motors in O and S scales by  GRAND RIVER Car Shops. They are offered with solder assembled, primed bodies at the base prices shown. Additional charge for installation of trucks, pole/pans and details you provide and for painting.  Deposit shown is required at time order is placed.

#GR-64-100 S Scale  Baldwin B   Base price $529.95 Deposit $329.99

#GR-64-102  S Scale Baldwin D   Base Price $529.95 Deposit $329.99

#GR-48-100 O Scale Baldwin B   Base Price $529.95 Deposit $329.99

#GR-48-102 O Scale Baldwin D   Base Price $529.99 Deposit$329.99



Grand River Car Shops logo web Indiana Service #817   O Scale custom built


                                                             ISC A    


Custom Built up, painted and decaled ISC 817 Bodies by Grand River Car Shops may now be special ordered. The HO model price includes Bowser power truck and poles. The O scale model is completed body only. The HO model is shown.

Links to prototype photos and model info are found on the ISC 817 page, click here. Clicking the left arrow after viewing returns you to the ISC 817 page. Click left arrow again to return here.

A wooden interurban from central Indiana had the distinction of being the last former Indiana Railroad car to run on the last former Indiana Railroad [operated- a technicality] line. As  Indiana Service freight motor #817 she ran north from Fort Wayne serving gravel pits and pulling coal from NYC interchange to the ISC power plant and the state school for mentally handicapped in Ft Wayne. And… she served hops to the Centlivre brewery where Nickle Plate Beer was brewed. A  familiar sight on State and Spy Run street trackage until 1954, she was last painted in the brownish Tuscan red and light “sandy” cream paint scheme used on Fort Wayne transit vehicles.

She had unique traction character — the 817 was strictly home-made and no drawings are known to have  surfaced.  After extensive study, we offer a parts collection with assembly suggestions in HO that is not a kit. Many parts need fitting or extensive modification and some are even  possible “stand-ins.”  Parts included for experienced model builders (in addition to our decals and brass etchings) are from Tichy and Bethlehem Car  with Evergreen scribed siding. (Poles not included) The suggestions are not step-by-step instructions.


#GR-48-73 O Scale ISC #817 Body SPECIAL ORDER Custom Assembled (less poles, trucks)  $675.00 

LTD INDIANA SERVICE DECALS for late era freight & Ft Wayne City Cars

animated gif#772.2-64-73D    S Decal for ISC #817    $4.95

animated gif#772.2-48-73D    O Decal for ISC #817    $6.95



    Signature_LTD_logo_newBrill 55 Motorcar   O Scale     Grand River Car Shops logo web


KITS     CUSTOM assembled


    Assembled  model by Grand River Car Shop shown with Canadian National detailing and painting, Bowser power installed.    

The LTD Brill 55 body kit is designed for assembly using basic hand tools and either soldered or super glued.  The double etched brass body may be built with choice of plain, Service Motor or Brill brass radiator. Northeastern wood is used for the roof. Our HO kit is designed to accept the Bowser power and trailer trucks. The O,S and F scale kits have bolster mounts that can be positioned to suit your trucks. 33 inch wheeled PCC trucks are suggested. Details you may add to this body kit, depending on your prototype, are headlight, marker lights, bell, horn, fuel tank, rear coupler and rear pilot.


animated gif #772.2-48-358        O Brill 55 Body kit     $269.95

#GR-48-358 Brill 55 Assembled, Orange w/black roof SPECIAL CUSTOM ORDER   BASE PRICE $559.95  Deposit $300 

animated gif #772.2-48-358.10  O  Pilot (included in kit)     $12.95                                    

animated gif #772.2-48-358.20  O Brill Stairwell (2) brass  (incl in kit)      $29.95                

This stairwell is recommended for passenger car and interurban projects

#772.2-48-2932     O Plain radiator  (included in kit)     $  6.95

#772.2-64-358        S Brill 55 Body kit brass parts only     $TBA    


#772.2-20-358       F (1/20.3 scale) Brill 55 body kit brass only             
CLICK HERE  to view kit instructions,  actual construction photos and photos of models shared by our customers.
  LTD SERIES etched brass car sides and car bodies on this page are double etched. This sophisticated process permits a much greater degree of 3D realism and easier construction. Window frames and stirrups are “set back” and part of the car side part  (not “add- on” parts) for instance.  The brass parts are etched in the  “standard” way then a second set of negatives are used to repeat the process for a second  depth of cut in appropriate areas and they are re-etched.  The added expense in tooling and repeated etch pass is rewarded by a model superior in quality to “standard” etched parts and kits. LTD windows are open, drill dimples are placed or handrail holes etched open, folds have creases for ease of assembly and the kits are designed for structural integrity without added bracing– and raised belt rails are the “LTD Standard.”    


  labelle logo LaBelle Woodworking Interurbans O scale Kits



manufactures craftsman wood kits of interurban, steam passenger and freight cars in HO and O scales including narrow gauge cars. Now operating in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the firm has been an industry standard for quality kits for over 30 years. These are their current kit offerings  and are available from  our Prototype Specific Products Model Railroad Warehouse with exceptions as noted in the linked Interurban Updates page.. These kits require assembly using hand tools and wood glue; they are undecorated and do not include trucks, couplers, poles or pans. These kits are recommended for modelers 14 years and older.




20 0 251#20-0-251    Lake Shore Electric Coach     $58.51

20 0 252#20-0-252     Lake Shore Electric Combine     $58.51

#20-251-CD-B     Decal for 251 and 252 black     $5.50

#20-251-CD-R     Decal for 251 or 252 red     $5.50

20 0 253#20-0-253     Lake Shore Electric Box Motor     $58.51

#20-253-CD-B     Decal black-baggage     $5.50

#20-253-CD-E     Decal red-baggage     $5.50

20 0 254#20-0-254     Cincinnati & Dayton Combine     $59.71

#20-254-CD     Decal     $5.50

20 0 255#20-0-255     Northern Indiana Combine     $59.71

#20-255-CD     Decal (Nor. Ind. Power Co.)     $5.50

20 0 256#20-0-256     Ohio Electric Combine     $59.71

These cars used by THI&E; Ohio Electric; Lima & Toledo; Indianapolis; Columbus & Eastern

#20-256-CD     Decal Terre Haute, Indpls & Eastern     $5.50

20 0 261#20-0-261     Sacramento Northern Coach     $59.71

#20-261-CD     Decal     $5.50

20 0 262#20-0-262     Sacramento Northern Combine     $59.71

#20-262-CD     Decal     $5.50

20 A704 Roof rounding kit#20-A704     Roof Rounding Kit     $6.00

LaBelle O Scale parts are listed in the PASSENGER CAR page.

Other O Scale Decals $5.50 each

#20-259-CD     Buffalo, Lockport & Rochester

#20-264-CD     Marion, Bluffton & Eastern (freight motor-gold)

#20-265-CD     Indianapolis, Columbus & Southern (freight motor-gold)


  Signature_LTD_logo_newTROOP  SLEEPER &


Troop Car body O & S scales

O Scale

#772.2-48-9701 Troop Sleeper roof, sides, ends, roof vents SPECIAL ORDER $249.95
#772.2-48-97003  Decals for 2 Troop Sleepers, 1 Troop Kitchen Car  $19.95
S Scale
#772.2-64-9701 Troop Sleeper roof, sides, ends, roof vents SPECIAL ORDER $249.95


C&O Style Express Conversion



#772.2-64-9705 Converted Troop Sleeper C&O style Express Car  Roof, sides, doors, ends, vents SPECIAL ORDER $249.95




 signature series with prototype on topFREIGHT CARS

Signature Series kits utilize etched brass parts for steel body members and molded styrene for wood members (O scale) or wood (large scale)

Mann’s Creek Side Dump Hopper O/On30/On3





The Mann’s Creek was located in New River Gorge country of West Virginia. This narrow gauge road operated till mid 1950s hauling coal to coking ovens. Their cars were large enough to look appropriate in standard gauge branch/short line service. Our kits, offered in O and HO, use injection molded styrene bodies with etched brass for all steel parts. Kits include operating link and pin couplers and kits can accept Kadee® style draft gear boxes.  L&P Couplers & Brass parts available for project builders in O,HO, N, F(1/20.3) scales. Other scales possible by RNYA. Appropriate trucks are Arch Bar. 20T hopper kit has choice of steel or wood type doors and “quick & easy” or “superdetailed” door mechanism assembly.

#772.2-48-4860  O   KIT -1 CAR                                   $49.95

#772.2-48-4860.M  O Brass Parts                             $45.95

#772.2-48-4860.1 O Link & Pin Cplr       1pr               $5.95


 Click Here to view instructions, construction tips, additional photos shared by others.

772.2 2005

#772.2-48-2005 Trackworker’s Tools O Scale     $17.95


Coke Oven tools


COKING OVEN TOOLS brass created from actual Sewell oven tools in Ron Lane’s collection. Includes 3 charging lids (you can readily read the printing on O scale lids).


#197-48-2901 O Coke Oven Tool Set     $14.95

Mann’s Creek Log Buggy   O/On30/On3  & 1/20.3 (F or ”G”) scales




These cars are typical of Appalachian and Pennsylvania log car design. Tan one- piece styrene skeleton is enhanced with etched brass “steel” parts. Kit includes operating link & pin couplers, brake shoes and handle as well as optional added styrene frame for flat car freight hauling or adding caboose body- like the prototype did.  Brake handle system (included) can be replaced by brake wheel if desired. Frame readily accepts draft gear boxes. The car pictured with brake wheel is as assembled in Canada by Grand River Car. O kit builds 2 cars!



#772.2-48-4861  O Kit for 2 cars     $49.95

#772.2-48-4861.M    O brass parts 2 cars     $39.95

#772.2-20-4861.M     F(G) brass parts 2 cars     $159.95



Weathered (aged) with couplers,brake beams, brakewheels,  no trucks




“Wabash Valley”  F7 Shell- injection molded styrene S Scale

DSC08467 5 cropped smaller

#772.2-64-1000   Wabash Valley F7A Shell styrene undecorated     $16.95

#772.2-64-1010   Wabash Valley F7B Shell styrene undecorated     $ 9.95

#772.2-64-1100  Wabash Valley F7A Shell Western Maryland Fireball     $39.95

#772.2-64-1110   Wabash Valley F7A Shell Monon     $39.95

#772.2-64-1120   Wabash Valley F7A Shell Lehigh Valley     $39.95 







 Freight Car Kits  O and On3/On30





20 O 300#20-O-300 Cleveland, Loraine & Wheeling Gondola          $39.29


20 O 301#20-O-301 SOO Line Boxcar                     $39.29


20 O 302#20-O-302  Racine Wagon & Carriage Boxcar                  $39.29


20 O 303#20-O-303  Chicago, St Paul, Minneapolis, & Omaha  Reefer  $39.29


20 O 304#20-O-304 Flatcars (2) Wisconsin Central; Astoria &  Columbia River   $39.29


20 O 305#20-O-305 Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Boxcar     $39.29


20 O 306#20-O-306 Lindsay Brothers Boxcar                     $39.29


20 O 390#20-O-390  CB&Q Drovers Waycar class CW-6               $70.75



labelle logoPassenger Car Kits  O and On3/On30

 LaBelle Woodworking Co has been a recognized leader in wooden prototype passenger car kits in O & HO scale standard and n3 gauges for decades. These wooden kits require assembly using modelers hand tools and adhesives. They are undecorated, less decals, trucks and couplers. These kits are recommended for use by adult hobbyists 14 years and older. Some parts contain lead. LaBelle On3 kits are quite suitable for use on On30 layouts. (Most “On30” products in the market are based on 3 ft gauge rather than 30 inch gauge prototypes and include engines and cars from these same railroads).



20 0 351 CM&StP Open Platform Baggage

#20-0-351     CM&StP Open Platform Baggage     $70.49


20 0 352 Closed Vestibule Baggage#20-0-352     Closed Vestibule Baggage     $71.75

20 0 353 Soo Line Open Platform Combine

#20-0-353     SOO Line Open Platform Combine     $70.49

20 0 354 Single Window Combine

#20-0-354     Single Window Combine     $71.75


20 0 355 CM&StP Open Platform Coach

#20-0-355     CM&StP Open Platform Coach     $70.49

20 0 356 SOO Line Open Platform Coach 50ft

#20-0-356     SOO Line Open Platform Coach 50′     $70.49

20 0 357 Single Window Coach

#20-0-357     Single Window Coach     $71.75

20 0 358 Paired Window Coach

#20-0-358     Paired Window Coach     $71.75

20 0 360 1909 60ft Combine

#20-0-360     1909 60′ Combine     $71.75


20 0 361 1900 60ft Coach

#20-0-361     1900 60′ Coach     $71.75

20 0 362 1903 70ft Observation#20-0-362     1903 70′ Observation     $75.29

20 0 363 D&IR Postal Baggage Car#20-0-363     D&IR Postal Baggage Car     $70.49

20 0 364 D&IR Combine#20-0-364     D&IR Combine     $70.49

20 0 365 D&IR Coach#20-0-365     D&IR Coach     $70.49


20 0 366 D&IR Observation#20-0-366     D&IR Observation     $74.15

20 0 373 Open Platform Business Car#20-0-373     Open Platform Business Car     $70.49

20 0 381 1903 Diner#20-0-381     1903 Diner     $78.79

20 0 382 1903 Sleeper#20-0-382     1903 Sleeper     $78.95

20 0 A703 Roof Rounding Kit#20-0-A703     Roof Rounding Kit     $6.00



20 0 460 D&RGW Open Platform Coach#20-0-460     D&RGW Open Platform Coach     $84.75

#20-On-460CD     Decal     $5.50

20 0 461 D&RGW Combine#20-0-461     D&RGW Combine     $84.75

#20-On-461CD     Decal     $5.50

20 0 462 D&RGW Baggage#20-0-462     D&RGW Baggage     $84.75

#20-On-462CD     Decal     $5.50

20 0 463 D&RGW Short RPO Baggage#20-0-463     D&RGW Short RPO-Baggage     $84.75

#20-On-463CD     Decal     $5.50

20 0 464 D&RGW Parlor Car Alamosa#20-0-464     D&RGW Parlor Car Alamosa     $84.75

#20-On3-464CD     Decal     $5.50


20 0 465 D&RGW Closed Vestibule Coach#20-0-465     D&RGW Closed Vestibule Coach     $84.75

#20-On-465CD     Decal     $5.50

20 0 466 D&RGW Combine Car Pagosa Junction#20-0-466     D&RGW Combine Car Pagosa Junction     $94.75

#20-On-466CD     Decal     $5.50

20 0 469 Florence & Cripple Creek Combine#20-0-469     Florence & Cripple Creek Combine     $84.75

#20-On-469CD     Decal     $5.50


20 0 470 Florence & Cripple Creek Coach#20-0-470     Florence & Cripple Creek Coach     $84.75

#20-On-470CD     Decal     $5.50

20 0n A705 Roof Rounding Kit#20-On-A705     Roof Rounding Kit     $6.00





labelle logoInterurban, Freight and Passenger Car Parts, Decals  O & On30/On3




LaBelle O FREIGHT CAR PARTS  These parts are soft metal castings containing lead


20 OP 79#20-OP79 Queenposts                                                  $3.00


20 OP 82#20-OP82 K Brake Cylinder                                $5.00


20 OP 94#20-OP94    Brake Staff Bracket                          $3.00


20 OP 95A#20-OP95A Brake Staff Bracket                                    $3.00



20 OP 95B#20-OP95B Brake Ratchet & Pawl                       $3.00


20 OP 98A#20-OP98A Brake Levers                                   $3.00


20 OP 98B#20-OP98B  Brake 8B Corner Straps                                   $5.00


20 OP 98C#20-OP98C Corner Straps                                 $6.00


20 OP 99#20-OP99 Turnbuckle              $3.00



20 OP 101#20-OP101 Gondola Stakes                                 $6.00


20 OP 102#20-OP102 Flat Car Stake Pockets                       $6.00


20 OP 105#20-OP105 Reefer Hatches                                 $5.00


20 OP 106#20-OP106 Reefer Door Hinges                           $5.00


20 OP 107#20-OP107 Reefer Door Latch                                      $3.00



20 OP 108#20-OP108 Brake Wheel & Box                          $3.00


20 OP 112#20-OP112 Brake Platform kit                                       $5.00




Additional O scale parts suited for period passenger cars and made by East Gary Car and LTD Series will be found on the INTERURBANS page. Tichy “car hardware” is on the FREIGHT CAR page. These LaBelle parts are soft metal castings, containing lead:

20 0P 73 Steps 4 Open Platform#20-OP-73     Steps (4) Open Platform     $4.00


20 0P 74 Steps 4 Closed Vestibule#20-OP-74     Steps (4) Closed Vestibule     $4.00


20 0P 75 Steps 4 Closed Vest Observation#20-OP-75     Steps (4) Closed Vestibule Observation     $4.00


20 0P 76 Steps 4 OP Pltfrm Observation#20-OP-76     Steps (4) Open Platform Observation     $4.00


20 0P 77 2 Truss Queenpost#20-OP-77     2 Truss Queenpost     $3.00


20 0P 78 2 Truss Queenpost#20-OP-78     2 Truss Queenpost     $3.00


20 0P 80 Brake Cylinder Passenger#20-OP-80     Brake Cylinder Passenger     $5.00


20 0P 83 Air Tank#20-OP-83     Air Tank     $5.00


20 0P 86 Gas Tank Mounting Strap#20-OP-86     Gas Tank Mounting Strap     $3.00


20 0P 87 Small Stirrup Step#20-OP-87     Small Stirrup Step     $3.00


20 0P 88 Large Stirrup Step#20-OP-88     Large Stirrup Step     $3.00


20 0P 89 Toilet Vent#20-OP-89     Toilet Vent     $3.00


20 0P 90 Roof Vent#20-OP-90     Roof Vent     $3.00


20 0P 91 Roof Vent#20-OP-91     Roof Vent     $3.00


20 0P 92 Smoke Stack#20-OP-92     Smoke Stack     $3.00


20 0P 93 End Rail#20-OP-93     End Rail     $5.00


20 0P 94 Brake Staff Bracket#20-OP-94     Brake Staff Bracket     $3.00


20 0P 95A Brake Staff Bracket#20-OP-95A     Brake Staff Bracket     $3.00


20 0P 95B Brake Ratchet & Pawl#20-OP-95B     Brake Ratchet & Pawl     $3.00



20 0P 96 Truss Rod Body Hanger#20-OP-96     Truss Rod Body Hangar     $3.00



20 0P 99 Turnbuckles#20-OP-99     Turnbuckles     $3.00



20 0P 113 Oval Windows#20-OP-113     Oval Windows     $5.00




 Tichy_logo_sm TICHY CARBUILDER’s PARTS  O & On30/On3

Note: Tichy wire, rivet, nut/bolt/washer etc are listed with HO parts. Other  HO parts may be suited to larger scale usage



O Parts:

2056_600 work car window 28 x 28animated gif#293-2056 Work Car window 28″w x 28″h styrene w/glazing (6) $3.50

[wp_cart:293-2056 Work Car window 28″w x 28″h styrene w/glazing (6)price:3.50:end]

2057_600 work car window 20 x 28animated gif#293-2057 Work Car window 20″w x 28″h styrene w/glazing (6) $3.50

[wp_cart:293-2057 Work Car window 20″w x 28″h styrene w/glazing (6)price:3.50:end]

2043_600 fire escape O scale#293-2043   Classic Structural Fire Escape                 $4.95

2001_600 18 in drop grabiron O scale#293-2001  Grab Irons 18” drop (50)    .020 wire           $4.95

2002_600 18 in straight grabiron O scale#293-2002   Grab Irons 18” straight (50)                    $4.95

2003_600 roof corner grabirons O scale#293-2003   Roof Corner Irons (25)                              $4.95

2004_600 turnbuckles O scale#293-2004   Turnbuckles cored .032 (24)                       $4.95

2005_600 lamp reflectors O scale#293-2005   Outside lamp reflector  (12)                   $4.95

2007_600 stirrup steps O scale#293-2007   Stirrup straight side mount (20)                        $3.50

2008_600 stirrup steps O scale#293-2008   Stirrup straight bottom  mount (20)             $3.50

2009_600 stirrup steps O scale#293-2009   Stirrup slant bottom mount (20)                        $3.50

2015_600 16 in brakewheel O scale#293-2015   Brake wheel early 16” strt spoke(10)                 $3.50

2016_600 3 in queenposts O scale#293-2016   Queen post 3” (27)                                                $3.50

2018_600 6 in qweenposts O scale#293-2018   Queen post 6” (27)                                                $3.50

2019_600 10 in queenposts O scale#293-2019   Queen post 10” (27)                                  $3.50

2026_600 splice plates O scale#293-2026   Splice plates for 9” channel                      $3.50                                                                

rust color w/ bolt heads 10 pieces 34”; 16 pieces 30”

2027_600 splice plates O scale$2.50                                                                

rust color w/ bolt heads 10 pieces 44”; 16 pieces 40”

2042_600 eyebolts all scales

#293-2042   Eyebolt (64) plastic .025 sten .032 hole     $3.50

2023_600 55 gal steel drums#293-2023   Drum 55 gal (4) w/lid, fire lid                 $3.50

2024_600 55 gal steel drums and pallet O scale#293-2024   Drum 55 gal (15)+4 pallets                     $20.00




 East Gary Car Company web 1CARBUILDER’S PARTS   O, On3/On30,G and 1/24



We stock EGC styrene body parts in O scale and items with “Buy Now” buttons. We will special order all half inch scale items and other O itens listed. The special order items are not in our shopping cart but require advance payment– Please send an e mail listing wanted items and shipping address.  We will reply with a paypal request for payment or quote allowing check or credit card arrangements. These special order items are produced to order and 3-6 week wait should be expected.



#50-100 Body panel with rectangular upper sash and inserts shown (in order

top to bottom: Niles, St Louis, Cincinnati and clerestory) also suited to steam RR passenger cars each    $3.00


#50-200 Body panel  with arched upper sash and inserts shown (in order Jewett, clerestory, clerestory)each $3.00

#50-102  Passenger Door  $1.75

#50-103 Body Panel, oval window $1.75

#50-104 Baggage Door   $1.75 

#50-205 Body Panel 3 single arch window  $2.50

#50-E9  Steam Car End   $3.00

#50-V9  Vestibule/Bulkhead         $1.50


Arched ends for O Scale  Interurban Cars $3.00 each

#50-C1 Slight Arch

#50-C2 Slight Arch

#50-C3 Slight Arch

#50-A1 Medium Arch


White Metal  O Scale Parts

Notice: White metal parts contain lead and are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Birth Defects. Not for use by persons under 18 years old. Do not inhale or ingest lead dust and wash thoroughly after working with these parts.

#50-EL1         Baldwin Sideframes (CSS&SB Baldwin E Class) set of 4   $14.95

#50-ET10       S Shore Battery Box                                                                  $ 2.50

#50-ET9         Baggage Door Arch Top each                                                    $2.50

#50-ET8         Side Vestibule Door Arch Top  each                                         $2.50

Special Order O Scale EGC Parts


#50-ET1         Double Arch Window                                               2/        $2.50

#50-ET2         Large Single Arch Window                                      2/        $2.25

#50-ET3         Medium Single Arch Window                                  Ea        $1.50

#50-ET4         Small Single Arch Window                                       Ea        $1.25

#50-ET5         Oval Window                                                             Ea        $1,25

#50-ET6         Strap Step w.brace                                                    Ea        $1,25

#50-ET7         Train Door                                                                 Ea        $1.50


#50-EL2         Heavy electric Side frames set of 4                                     $16.95

#50-DL2         Freight Pilot for Atlas F9                                                      $7.50

#50-DL`          Armstrong Bracket (pr) (Bolsters) for Atlas F9                $4.00


#50-1001       9” Turret Lathe Kit                                                               $24.00

#50-1002       6” Turret Lathe Kit                                                               $19.00


These parts and trucks are produced to order. Minimum delivery time 6  weeks.

#50-U1 Contactor Case GE                                                                          $8.00

#50-U2 Line Switch GE                                                                                 $8.00

#50-U20 Resistance Grid GE RG                                                                 $3.75

#50-U21 Resistance Grid GE CG                                                                  $3.75

#50-U30 Headlight Resistance Box Crouse-Hinds                                   $2.75

#50-U40 Motor Cutout Box                                                                         $3.75

#50-U50 Reverser GE RB 13                                                                       $7.00

#50-U60 Fuse box   (CSL)                                                                            $2.75

#50-U61 Fuse box   G.E.  MA-19-A                                                              $3.75

#50-U70 Control jumper receptacle                                                           $2.75

#50-U71 Buss jumper receptacle                                                               $2.75

#50-U110 Air pump strainer  Westinghouse                                            $2.00

#50-U112 Brake  chain sheave                                                                   $2.75

#50-U115 Tank end  welded  15”                                                               $3.25

#50-U116 Tank end  recessed  15”                                                             $3.25

#50-U117 Tank end  recessed  18”                                                             $3.25

#50-U150 Over truss anchor                                                                      $2.75

#50-U151 Turnbuckle                                                                                  $TBA

#50-R1 Stack (ITS)                                                                                       $4.25

#50-R10 Vent  Utility round  Jet  10-1/2” dia.                                           $3.25

#50-R11 Vent  Utility round  Jet  13-1/2” dia.                                           $3.25

#50-R12 Vent  Utility intake                                                                        $3.25

#50-C1 Headlight  (CSL)                                                                              $3.25

#50-C10  Retriever Earll                                                                              $2.50

#50-C11  Retriever OB#5                                                                            $2.50

#50-C15  Catcher  (CSL)                                                                              $2.75

#50-C16  Catcher OB                                                                                    $2.50

#50-C20  Marker light bracket                                                                    $TBA

#50-C21  Market light receptacle                                                                $1.75


½” scale Special Order Lost Wax trolley parts list  

 Patterns by Bill Clouser

#50-WC1  C&LE journal box and lid includes brake shoe                     $9.00

#50-WC2  Seat frame                                                                                   $5.75

#50-WC3  C&LE roof vent                                                                           $6.50

#50-WC4  Seat                                                                                              $5.50

#50-WC5  C&LE wheel unmachined metal similar to nickel silver        $8.50 ea

#50-WC6  PCC wheel unmachined metal similar to ns                            $8.50 ea

#50-WC8  Stanchion parts                                                                           $3.25

#50-WC9  RR crossing sign (cross buck)                                                   $9.25

#50-WC11  Table                                                                                          $6.00

#50-WC12  Large sofa seat                                                                         $7.00

#50-WC13  Short seat                                                                                  $5.50

#50-WC14  Sofa frame                                                                                 $5.50

½” Scale Traction TRUCKS(lost wax, steel wheels,UNPOWERED)

#50-2401  Standard C-80-P interurban                                                     $115.00

#50-2402  Cincinnati Car Co. archbar                                                        $75.00

#50-2403  C&LE Red Devil trucks                                                              $90.00

#50-2404  Brill 177EX trucks                                                                      $90.00

#50-2505   Cincinnati St Ry #100 series cars                                           $90.00                                                (Specify truck gauge you are using please).

Misc  Spcl Order Whitemetal Parts ½” Scale  (Suited to F and G Scale use)

#50-G500  Stirrups                                                                           12/      $5.50

#50-G501  Fireman’s clinker hook & grate rake                          set       $2.00

#50-G502  Steam whistles                                                               2/        $2.50

#50-G503  Stake pockets                                                                 12/      $5.50

#50-G506  Steam gauges                                                                 2/        $2.00

#50-G508  NBW’s                                                                             60/      $5.50

#50-G509  Bolt/washers                                                                 60/      $5.50


LARGE SCALE TRUCKS   1/20.3 scale Fn3 (popularly called “G” as this is the scale for Bachmann “Big Haulers” ®and the LTD Series Log Car) runs on “name brand” trackage

#50-F100  D&RGW Arch Bar                    $45.95

 And the same truck in true ½”scale

#50-G-504A  D&RGW Arch Bar                         $45.95

 #50-G505  Climax locomotive sideframes       $12.95 set

These large scale items are produced to order. Please allow six weeks for delivery. They are crisply cast in white  metal and are heavy to ship, requiring higher shipping charge than our minimum.

Note:  ½ inch scale steam loco detail parts and O freight car detail items  are listed on our INTERURBANS page with East Gary Car’s interurban car parts.  


  Craftsman Lithograph LogoSTRUCTURAL  SHEETS   O, S, 1/24 Scales


Center Line – by Craftsman Lithograph Structural Sheets    8 ½ x 11   &   11x 17

Seven Colors of Brick with gray mortar in HO, N, O, S and 1/20 Scales


Bright Red   Old Red   Dark Red    Clinker Red    Taupe   Yellow-tan      Maroon

 Two prototype colors of InsulBrick  – Red and Tan

 Aged Corrugated Steel Siding/Roofing           Corrugated Steel (aged)

Plus a wide selection of other roofing materials, tile and block walls

Utility Plant Wall

                 Curtin Wall

And introducing two all new  Large Factory Wall sheets                                                                                     



Carefully crafted colors are applied and baked to special heavy weight papers with appropriate texture to recreate prototypical appearance. The mortar is light gray. Insulbrick was matched to actual samples. Structural sheets are offered in popular modeling scales for model railroad, model farm diorama and dollhouse hobbiests and professionals. Our 8 ½ x 11 inch sheets are offered in both vertical and horizontal format for either “tall” or “wide” applications. Our 11 x 17” sheets are horizontal format. Sheets are easily installed using glue stick or rubber cement, these structural sheets may be cut with scissors or hobby knife.  Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light is not recommended. The scales we offer are “N” (1/160 scale); “HO” (1/87 scale); “S” (1/64 scale); “O” (1/48 scale) and “F” (1/120.3 scale—suited for dollhouse ½” scale and G scale trains).      Price is $2.95 each for  8 1/2 x 11” sheet  and  $5.95 each large 11 x 17” sheet*.  Horizontal Factory walls are 11 x 17 in N, HO, S and O scales at $7.50 each. Sizes in stock are in your scale choice button. We are working towards getting all sizes available in all colors as soon as possible.


Brick Arches 8 ½ x 11     $2.95 

Brick Arches 11 x 17     $5.95 

Assorted colors: Old, Dark, Bright and Clinker reds for use above doors & windows                                      

#66-013 Bright Red Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

Common 1800s to today  Little color variation                                                                                                                            

#66-203 Old Red Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95




Light orange to pinkish; variations scattered                                                                                                                                

#66-223 Dark Red Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

#66-243 Clinker Red Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95



Darker old brick with extreme variations in color                                                                                                                      

#66-253 Taupe Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

Common after WWI & earlier where clay was this color                                                                                                           

 #66-323 Yellow/Tan Brick large wide      11 x 17     $5.95

Similar to Taupe; Residential and Retail businesses                                                                                                                   


#66-443 Maroon Brick large wide     11 x 17     $5.95

More modern Residential, Retail and Institutions                                                    

Sheeting with black “mortar”

#66-2052 Tan Insulbrick      11 x 17     $5.95

Sheeting with black “mortar”

#66-2062 Clinker Red Insulbrick      11 x 17     $5.95

#66-910 Factory Wall “curtin style”   11 x 17     $7.50

#66-920 Factory Wall “utility plant”

Brick factory 11x17:  Curtin has windows above brick 
panels surrounded by concrete; Utility has large 

#66-125 Taupe Tile wide

#66-1252 Taupe Tile large

#66-100 Concrete Block wide

#66-102 Concrete Block large

Unpainted block                                                                                                                                                                                 

#66-150 Corrugated Roof wide           

#66-151 Corrugated Wall tall

#66-152 Corrugated Roof large

Slight traces of rust. Matches

Campbell metal roof sizes                                                                                                                                                                

#66-101 Raised Rib Steel                                       

Painted green 8 ½ x 11                                                                                                                                                                     

#66-160 Tarpaper Roof  8 ½ x 11                                                                                                                                                                                                

Diamond Pattern Roof

#66-102 Light blue shingle 8 ½ x 11

#66-103 Yellow/tan shingle 8 ½ x 11                                                                                                                                                           

#66-104 Red Tile       8 ½ x 11                                     

*Dealers Note: 8 ½ x 11 are in poly bag with header for hanging display;   11-17 are unpackaged bulk and minimum  order is 15  asstd 11 x 17 sheets. No minimum on 8 ½ x 11.

*Retail purchasers please note: 11 x 17 Building sheets are shipped rolled. A $5 surcharge will apply to special requests for Flat Shipping of any quantity.





Made in Indiana, USA

QUESTIONS? email us at mrrwarehouse(at)yahoo.com  or SASE to MRRW, Box 411, Roanoke, IN 46783. Check this page’s UPDATE link for latest availability info.

Hometown pioneered American prototype (non wood) structure kits in the 1970s. Today many of the favorite Hometown designs are back (and joined by new designs) but in another new concept: Bristol Series kits. Bristol Series kits are so economical (most are under $10) that they can be used as “stand ins” and patterns for  scratch builders as well as their intended uses as  background models, introductory level kits and the basis for up-scaling and super detailing. In HO most windows and doors match finely detailed Tichy parts and our weathered corrugated steel roofing matches Campbell’ corrugated metal. Bristol Series Hometown kits are designed to be free standing and self supporting but to allow additional supportive interior cores for use in high humidity locations.  Many of the HO kits are also available in N scale -useful on distant hills in larger scales-and for O/S scales.    The current updates page has additional information about appropriate age levels and tools, structure footprints, web specials and updates that supersede prices or availability posted on this page. We invite you to share photos and tips of  super – detailed Hometown structures with other visitors to the update page as well.

DEALERS: Hometown structures are poly bagged for pegboard display in 9×12 bags with colorful headers showing actual completed kits. Burma Shave signs are in 2×7 bags with headers.  

Click Here  For the current updates page 


Mail Pouch didn’t charge a dime to paint one side of your barn. They had a travelling crew and it really got around in mid-America. The Whitehall folks even co-operated with us! – though they left the painting to us.  This barn is a typical “bank barn” that housed livestock in the first level with feed and machinery on the second, hay and straw for the stock was above that- and sometimes chickens too if rows of very small windows were in place. Access for tractor or horse drawn wagons was on “the far side” that was either built into an embankment or had an earthen bank to the second story entrance. This somewhat protected livestock from harsh cold  as well.  The HO silo requires an empty  bathroom tissue tube. Silo not included in O/S model. HO kit on distant O/S hills; N kit on distant HO hills is suggested. HO kit has choice of  size doors to use as large foreground N model to distant for larger scales.

#197-43001-O              O/S Mail Pouch Barn


animated gif OUTHOUSES


A necessary back yard fixture for each home, store, church and school without bushes.

#197-48-20008      O  Outhouses (3)

    $  2.99

animated gif      Burma Shave Signs



From the mid 1920s through the early 1960s these roadside signs did the job of an Interstate highway—making the trip go faster.  Wooden sign posts not included.

#197- 48-20002                     O Burma Shave Signs (12 different sets)

    $  3.99



UPDATES & YARDSALE   O, S and Large Scales

UPDATES FOR  O,S and Large Scale Page Posted December 2015



Using our website shopping cart, order any LaBelle Woodworking O or On3 car kit and receive a 20% refund of the kit price. Cart will charge full price. Your savings will be refunded through Paypal. Offer expires Feb 14, 2016.

September 2015

772.2 48 2005

animated gif #772.2-48-2005 Gandy Dancer Track Workers Tools (etched brass)     $17.95




O Scale Mann’s Creek Hopper Car is temporarily unavailable. Spring rerun expected so orders are accepted with the understanding shipment will be delayed.


S Scale Baldwin Class B and Class D Steeple Cab kits; S Scale Troop Sleeper and C&O Style Troop Conversion; O scale Troop sleeper  are special order basis right now. Expected delivery wait is 4-8 weeks after paid order receipt.


O Scale Illinois Terminal Class B is NEARING sufficient reservations to proceed into production.  Other O & S traction items require sufficient reservations to proceed with tooling.




We contract with a nearby business to accept phone orders for us. Their number is changing effective at once.  260-672-2663 is the new number to be used during business hours. Please email first (as noted below) on YARDSALE items to assure availability. The order taker does not have access to product availability information.


Our email is mrrwarehouse (at) yahoo.com  — (spelled out here to avoid additional spider driven spam). We read and respond promptly.



There is no minimum order. There IS a minimum shipping and handling charge on YARDSALE orders. Any questions should be directed to us by email [ mrrwarehouse (at) yahoo.com ] or snail mail with SSAE [MRRWAREHOUSE, PO Box 411, Roanoke, IN 46783].  Calls to our contracted order taker add handling costs and delay our response – she ONLY takes firm orders.  


We reserve the right to correct typographical errors. Yardsale pages are updated (when there are changes) about the first of each month.


BEFORE ORDERING: Please email to determine whether the items wanted are still available, giving your shipping address and preferred method of payment.   Use subject line: YARDSALE on item….  We will respond as promptly as schedules permit  us to physically pull your order and  hold the item(s) 5 days awaiting payment. If you do not advise your address we will only advise what our unconfirmed computer records currently list and will not hold.  Yardsale sales are final. Unless noted  (usually with $current list price/ Yardsale price), Yardsale items are out of production. Merchandise is new & in factory packaging  unless noted. Quantity available is one (1) unless noted.  Photos and layaway are not available. Buy now prices are given, shipping and handling charges are based on actual costs involved.


US EAST OF MISSISSIPPI  RIVER StatesFor orders paid by check or money order the minimum shipping and handling charge is $6.00. Orders paid by check will be held 2 weeks for check to clear.  Orders paid by credit card the minimum shipping and handling charge is $8.00. You can reach our contracted order taker at 260-672-2663 weekdays 8-4 Eastern (New York time).   E mail Orders paid by Paypal the minimum shipping and handling charge is $7.00. Insured priority mail shipment.


CANADA & US WEST OF MISSISSIPPI  RIVER  States : For orders paid by check (on US bank) or money order the minimum shipping and handling charge is $8.00.Orders paid by check will be held two weeks for check to clear.  Orders paid by credit card the minimum shipping and handling charge is $10.00. You  can reach our contracted order taker weekdays  8-4 Eastern (New York time). Email orders paid by Paypal the minimum shipping and handling charge is $9.00. Canadian shipment is uninsured postal service. US shipment is by insured priority mail.


US HIGH WEIGHT OR HIGH VALUE SHIPMENTS will be shipped by UPS with signature required. Minimum shipping and handling charge is $18.00.


FOREIGN ORDERS:   For your security, we prefer payment by Paypal.  Shipment is by uninsured postal service. Shipping and handling charges are based on postal rates; credit card or Paypal servicing fees and export packaging costs.


TRACKING AND NOTIFICATION:  Upon shipping, we notify (by email) UPS tracking number or Customs tag number for your use in tracking your [UPS or foreign] order. This service is included in our handling fee on these orders.  In case of shipping damage (in US) save all cartons and shipping material and notify us by email when making claim with carrier.


SECURITY: Credit card information is not kept on file by us – either electronic or hard copy—after your order is filled. Our shopping cart carries the security lock logo and protection.



October 2015

UPDATES TO THE O,S & Large Scale Page


O Scale Mann’s Creek Hopper Car is temporarily unavailable. Spring rerun expected so orders are accepted with the understanding shipment will be delayed.


S Scale Baldwin Class B and Class D Steeple Cab kits; S Scale Troop Sleeper and C&O Style Troop Conversion; O scale Troop sleeper  are special order basis right now. Expected delivery wait is 4-8 weeks after paid order receipt.


O Scale Illinois Terminal Class B is NEARING sufficient reservations to proceed into production.  Other O & S traction items require sufficient reservations to proceed with tooling.




We contract with a nearby business to accept phone orders for us. Their number is changing effective at once.  260-672-2663 is the new number to be used during business hours. Please email first (as noted below) on YARDSALE items to assure availability. The order taker does not have access to product availability information.


Our email is mrrwarehouse (at) yahoo.com  — (spelled out here to avoid additional spider driven spam). We read and respond promptly.


YARDSALE —  Please note we do not normally  carry Lionel, 3 rail or American Flyer.


Many folks who attended our recent public train sale in Roanoke,IN requested we notify them by email of  any future public sales. If you’d like such a notice please email us at the address above with subject: PUBLIC SALE NOTICE.  In order to RESERVE LTD series items not yet available in O or S use that address and subject line like:  O Scale  ILLINOIS TERMINAL B. We file these emails by ITEM or request  and reply only related to your request—no e spam lists are kept or sold.


Buy now price is stated.  We reserve the right to correct typos. Unless otherwise stated one of each item is available. Availability updates and new postings are made once a month.



  • Email message to mrrwarehouse (at) yahoo.com listing desired items and your shipping address for UPS and Postal delivery. We will reply with a form request for payment using Paypal. You can use credit cards using this Paypal method. We will have pulled all available items of your order and prepared them for shipment so allow us a DAY OR THREE  FOR OUR REPLY. Will advise you of any more delay than that. This method works well for international shipments. WE WILL HOLD YOUR REQUESTED ITEMS FIVE DAYS FOR PAYMENT.
  • In USA you may place the order by use of our telephone order order taker if you first email for confirmation the items are still available. Allow a day or three for our reply since we will be physically checking the shelves as well as our computer records and that process is not done 24/7—we need to spend most of our time packing, or designing kits and other duties here.


Yardsales are final and without warrant. We strive to accurately describe items but cannot inventory all parts in a kit.  Minimum  shipping in US & Canada $10, foreign $22

Except decals & small parts that can be mailed in envelope $8.


We do not search for hard to find items. If not listed here, check each month. We do accept suitable consignment items charging 25% commission with frt prepaid by you  (both ways if not sold soon enough to suit you). We are not interested in listing typical “train show” $2 cars, incomplete or half built kits or defective used merchandise. We do not buy used trains for resale.


Our “clearing out the warehouse” effort is continuing to unearth treasures. After having produced Red Ball kits for four decades we find occasional jewels , partially packed kits and “protection” parts that were retained to cover warranty issues. Items listed since Jan 2015 are listed in orange.


Most items on this page are out of production    


Currently available items show $Current List / $ Yardsale price.




• Hawk  injection molded plastic Cable Car kit (unpowered)  $25  SOLD

• Red Ball  FtWayne- Lima carbody part set etched brass believed to be test sheet, usable reject  $75

Red Ball Coors Beer wood reefer sides multicolor silk screened $10



#3002 Light Unit N-HO  Reversing $6 ea (3 avail-was $15.98)

#3003 Light Unit O-HO  Reversing $6 ea  (3 avail- was $15.98)

#3004 Light Unit N-HO Non Reversing $2.50ea (3 avail)

#3005 Light Unit HO-O Non Rev 3.0AS uses 1.5V bulb $6.50ea  (6 avail –was $13.95)

#3006 Light Unit Ho-O Non Rev 2.0A uses 1.5V bulb $2.50ea (6 avail  was $6.98)

#2200 System B  Sound Car unit kit $3.50 ea (3 avail was $9.50)

#2201 System B Engines Unit kit $2.50 ea (2 avail- was$5.50)

#2202 System C Sound Car kit $2.50 ea (3 avail-was $5.50)

#2203 System C Engine kit $2 ea (3 avail-was $3.50)

#6001 Diesel Powered Loco Kit $3.50ea (3 avail)

#1930 Air Pump Compound $12.50 (was $34.95)

#1940 Air Pump Single Phase $12.50 ea (was $34.95)

#1330 Echo Module/ Reverb Effect  $6 ea (5 avail)

#1300 Articulated Engine Synchro kit $1.50 ea (3 avail)

#1370 Ultra small SPDT (on-off) switch $2.50ea ((10 avail)

#1339 Sub Miniature Connector 1 pin $5 ea (6 avail)

#1341 Sub Miniature Connector 3 pin $7 ea (4 avail)

#1342 Sub Miniature Connector 4 pin $8 ea (4 avail)

#1350 Battery Holder (small) $3 ea (3 avail)

#3010 Shrink Sleeve assortment $2.25 (3 avail)


S Scale Motive Power




A Dark blue unlettered and A Cornell Red unlettered  (1 ea) $10.50 ea


On30 Engines new in pkg- DC/DCC w/sound

Broadway Limited

#903 D&RGW C16 2-8-0 #$268 Bumblebee paint scheme (was $280) $250

#900 D&RGW C16 #268 black (was $270) $240 SOLD

#904  RGS 2-8-0  DC/DCC w/sound  (was $270) $240    (1 avail)

Yes, these are all DC/DCC  WITH SOUND–NOT just DCC ready. New in factory box


O SCALE Motive Power  -2 rail DC unless noted- new in pkg

AHM Fairbanks Morse C Liner A unit professionally finished in NYC Lightning Stripe $145

AHM 0-6-0T #7111powered assembled AT&SF $45

AHM  IHB 0-8-0 (unpowered) plastic kit $90

P&D Hobby RS3 Basic Detail  etching set #2050K  $15

P&D Hobby RS  Window kit #200K  $5


Weaver – new 2 rail DC diesel locos  at 45% off list price:

RS3 Union Pacific  $135




NKP steam  #E7

Monon EMD diesel passenger #E141  (4 avail)

Erie diesel switcher #E104

Erie Lackawanna diesel locomotive #E193


Virginian  frt diesel #95750

Wabash  GP diesel #96770

Erie GP diesel #49760

NYC frt/pass diesel #71900

PRR frt pass diesel  #77900

NYC frt pass diesel (“cigar band”) #7190A or 71901

Wabash frt pass diesel #96920

Monon diesel (blk gold) #42900 (2 avail)

Lehigh Valley diesel delux gold #60920

Lehigh Valley diesel black #60900



Faller #3827  “E Train” powered  $30


O Structural Parts

Tichy #2012 12 Pane Masonry Window  40”w x 53” h (6  in pkg)  $3.00ea  (5 avail)


O PASSENGER CAR KITS new in factory boxes

Rail Chief vintage wood combine kit $25  (AEA)

ICC Indpls Car Co #810 Streamlined Chair Car (molded plastic kit) $25

All Nation #500 Norfolk & Western 65ft Baggage Car  steel sides,wood roof,cast ends  $37  (AEA)

Main Line  Express Reefers wood, painted,lettered sides    CPR,  MP, IC  $10 each





Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. 

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