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Items listed on this page are out of production unless noted by a price like $35.95/$29 which would indicate the msrp list price is $35.95 and our Yardsale item is $29.  Quantity available is ONE unless noted. Individual items are sold at listed price.  LOTS are sold at LOT price and subject to change as specific items are withdrawn or added.


NOTICE- OUR ENTIRE INVENTORY OF LaBVelle WOOD KITS IS AVAILABLE AT 20% OFF. Use the shopping cart (it will charge full price) and savings will be refunded.




NICKEL PLATE    NEW  Athearn  Alco PA; Athearn/Bev Bel HW Baggage #1283; Athearn/New River  HW RPO; 2 Walthers PS 52 Seat Coach fluted side $180 all new boxed

NEW YORK CENTRAL BIG FOUR   NEW   5 HW Rivarossi cars new in boxes. Brown and cream color scheme: 2 coach, 1 diner, 1 combine,1 observation $75

NORFOLK & WESTERN   NEW Bachmann 6 car set #43-1291 Series 2  new in box includes: RPO93; Rwy Exp #126; coach 1724; Virginia Polytechnic Institute; General William Matione  $95 SOLD

ROCK ISLAND Golden Rocket NEW 3 car IHC streamlined, corrug side red &silver #67650 Grill Car “El Comedor”; #6762 Roomette “La Jolla”:; #6763 Observation “La Mirada” new in boxes $39  SOLD

CANADIAN PACIFIC   NEW 4 in box IHC heavyweight cars  Observation “Mount McKay; Baggage RPO #4467; Sleeper 12-1 “Stockton”’ Sleeper 8-1-2 “Explorer”  $45

AUTO TRAIN  USED Athearn U boat 1 pwd,1 dummy (good used), 3 Bachmann full dome cars (mint; 2 Bachmann Auto Cars $110)





JC Silver Sides #HO 4  PRR 60ft Baggage Car $19

Funaro & Camerliengo #3021 GPEX 40’ Steel Hoods Milk Car $19.95

Westwood #103  SP Sunset Limited Sleeper  $29.95

Holgate & Reynolds #PC700  C&NW  Dbl Deck Commuter Coach kit w/trks   $23

Branchline  NYC 2 tone gray 3 pack HW styrene coach kits #2047,2017,2025   $110  

Bethlehem Car Wks #1303 AT&SF Baggage Express #202-205 wood kit  $40 (out of production)

Beth Car Wks  (sparrows Point Div) #SP9 Colorado Midland Baggage #313 wood kit $75 (1 avail-out of production)

Beth Car Works #221  B&M/Maine Central  CV1 steel combine (plastic sided) $30/$20  (2 avail)

Beth Car Works #1041 Canadian Natl  63ft Mail & Express  MD63A  $87.50/ $64.50

Red Ball Wood type Baggage Door #1233 (metal)  $1 pr  not included in LOT


Cal Scale & DETAIL ASSOC  Passenger Parts Lot $200

 are currently avail from mfgr at price shown unless noted

Cal Scale #321 Old Time Passenger Car End Railing set brass  $20  discontinued.

Cal Scale #324  Express reefer Detail; Set plastic $4.70 ea (3 avail) 

Cal Scale #348   Generator type GH axle driven  $4.20 (4 avail) 

Cal Scale #355   Air Conditioning Recepticals brass $4.90 (6 avail)

Cal Scale #353  Generator type GL 25KW  brass $9.50ea  (5 avail)

Cal Scale #352  Generator Type GK 20KW brass $9.50 ea (4 avail)

Cal Scale #357  Generator Type G 35KW brass  $10.20 ea (5 avail) 

Cal Scale #356   Standard Era (HW) Steps (4)  brass $11.40 (2 avail) not avail from mfgr

Cal Scale #358   Vapor Traps Steam –streamlined cars  brass $6.10 (4 avail)

Cal Scale #359   Brake Set Type HSC  brass $11.40  (4 avail)

Cal Scale #350    Vapor Trap Steam Globe Vertical  brass $4.90  (4 avail) 

Cal Scale #354   Battery Recepticals brass $4.90 (6 avail)

Cal Scale #365    Alternator Pass Car Lighting System brass $4.20 (6 avail)


Detail Assoc #6604  Harriman Style Roof Vent (12) $3.40 (4 avail)  not avail from mfg


TOMAR Lighted drumheads  LOT $55 for rear of passenger trains.$16 each (is current price if avail from mfgr)

#390A Wabash “Cannonball”:

#282   NYC “Twentieth Century Limited”

#412  Monon “The Hoosier”

#299  NKP “Nickel Plate”

#322  PRR “Spirit of St Louis”



Long unavailable HO Plastic Kits/assembled, new in box unless or noted unboxed(new)   

LOTS are sold at price indicated. Contents and price subject to change. Specific items are sold at the listed price.



Bowser-English Hobby NYC Aerotrain Coach $9

Varney Aerotrain dummy loco #2883 and rear car. Gray, undec $19


Misc Manufacturers  LOT $115

Con Cor Amtrak Superliner Diner, phIII décor #0001-0812  $18

Mantua Classis Trains series NYC 20th Century Ltd #221-22 Baggage streamlined  $7

Athearn blue box #1860 HW Pullman undec  $12

Bachmann #1301 Amtrak Metroliner dummy  $17

Con Cor #223-7106  85ft Coach fluted SOUTHERN   $20 ea (2 avail)

Con Cor #1-000731 85ft Strmlnd Observation fluted side full length undec $17.50

Com Cor #1-000721 85ft Strmlnd  Dining Car  fluted  full length undec  $17.50

Con Cor Strmlnd COACH 85 ft fluted side full length undec $17.50

MDC ROUNDHOUSE WOOD PROTOTYPE plastic cars new in box

Palace Car  #60840 ATSF Diner $14 ea (1 avail)

Overland 50 ft car clerestory roof  undec $15ea:  #5210 Baggage (1 avail); #5200 Mail Car (1 avail)

Overland 50 ft  “Duckbill”: roof undec $15 ea: #6021 Baggage;



#932-26012 Amtrak Material Handling Cars (2 pack) $43

#932-4150 undec Troop Sleeper  $25 SOLD

#932-10219 Wabash  HW Pullman 14Section plan 3958A $49 (2 avail)

#932-10007 New York Central HW Pullman 12-1 plan 3410A  $49

#932-9490 UP Cities Series PS 4-4-2 Imperial Series  $65

#932-10016 Illinois Central HW 12-1 Pullman $37

#932-6366  PRR Budd Slumbercoach corrug side $29

#932-6729  C&O  PS 5-6-4 Sleeper  smoothside  $37

#932-6789 C&O  PS  64 seat coach smoothside  $37

 #932-6857 CN  Pullman plan 4140 10-6 Strmlnd Sleeper fluted  silver/black  $20

#932-9032  GN  AC&F RPO-Baggage (current production @$44.98) / $22 


IHC Heavyweights $15.00 each or 2/$$25.00 new in boxes LOT $65

SP Coach (single window style) (gray 2 tone “Lark”   (2 avail)

PRR 8-1-2 Sleeper  “Royal Oak” (2 avail)

CPR 12-1 Sleeper “Stockton”

CPR 8-1-2 Sleeper “Explorer”

CPR Observation “”Mount McKay”



Rivarossi HO  LOT $342.50

No interiors$17.50 each  unless noted. No interiors. New in box unless noted- unboxed were hobby shop display models

Undec Smoothside Baggage

Kansas City Southern  smoothside sleeper Leonor Loree  incorrectly boxed

Pullman HW Combine “Van Twiller”

NYC HW Diner

Lehigh Valley  HW coach

Great Northern smoothside observation

Florida East Coast Pullman Panama  corrugated

GM&O smoothside coach  (2 avail)

CN  Smoothside Coach  2 tone gray, wet noodle logo

DL&W HW Diner (Pullman green)

D&H     HW  Day Coach #264 unboxed

Santa Fe smoothside blue  Pullman   $15.00  (unboxed)

Lackawanna dome car (smoothside streamlined)

New Haven HW Pullman “Fox Point”

New Haven Baggage/RPO    (box fair cond, car  new & OK 

Lackawanna HW Pullman “Scenic Slope”#2839/0 

BN  smoothside Pullman #235   #2850/0   (2 avail, 1 not boxed)

UP smoothside “Overland” Pullman (gray)  “American Forum” unboxed++

UP smoothside Coach (gray)  (2 avail) Amtrak smoothside Baggage (Box 11)

UP HW Pullman  (gray) (2 avail) AT&SF HW Observation  (green) (2 avail)  New York Central  HW


The following“1930”  Smoothside streamliner cars have interiors

Great Northern roomette Poplar River  $24

PRR  Smoothside “Tail Car”  “Tower View” $28 

Missouri Pacific  Roomette  $22 ea (2 avail)

Amtrak  Coach (7 avail) $22 ea

“1920” Heavyweight with interiors

Union Pacific  Pullman gray (6 avail)  $23 ea

Southern Crescent  Combine green (2 avail) $23 ea

N&W Pocahatan Arrow  streamline observation $23


Eastern Car Works HO LOT  $95

undec styrene Kit with trucks less wheels   [S1].

We were an Eastern Car distributor stocking all kits and parts UNTIL THE FIRM CEASED SHIPPING PRODUCT TO ALL DISTRIBUTORS. Whether they are “hibernating” or “out of business” we have not been advised. Our remaining inventory, the items listed here,  are the ONLY ECW product we can  supply

ECW COMPLETE Passenger KITS (injection molded styrene- undecorated)


1330 Stainless Steel Sleeper   4-4-2  $20

1201 Smoothside RPO/Baggage $15ea

ECH Cores

#1399 Budd Car Core  $10ea  (3 avail)  PENDING

E&B VALLEY FACTORY DECORATED KITS (same molds as ECW- E&B was predecessor) see  E&B decorated sides below in project listings

4601 New York Central smoothside observation sleeper (box very dirty) $29

4901 New York Central smoothside 6-6-4 Sleeper $29

4803 Union Pacific Dormitory/Parlor/Lounge  smoothside  $29

3503 Amtrak Coach/Combine corrugated $29


MDC Roundhouse #2930 Toggle Coupler Arm for use w/MDC Passenger trucks  (3pr) $1.25

E&B VALLEY (ECW Predecessor- same molds but decorated kits) Smoothside Passenger Car sides & ends only  factory  painted, lettered

Diner dark black   $6.00  (3 avail)

UNION PACIFIC   3 dining cars  yellow; coach  7.00 ea

GREAT NORTHERN Empire Builder   3 cars: RPO, Bedroom, Observation  all 3 for $24.00

NEW YORK CENTRAL  Pullman and coach  $8 each

PENNSYLVANIA  set of 5 different cars $37




ECW Parts (found here and on the freight car p\age are offered as a lot at half the total price. Orders for specified parts are filled at the prices shown.

FOUR WHEEL PASSENGER TRUCKS less wheelsets  $5.00 ea

#9001 Pennsylvania RR RD-P5 (1 avail)

#9002 Commonwealth 2D-E5  General Steel Castings (2 avail)

#9003 Pullman Standard lightweight (1 avail)

#9004 Commonwealth Swing Motion (2 avail)

#9005 Pullman Standard (3 avail)

#9006 Taylor (1 avail)

#9007 Pullman Standard 41-BNO (1 avail)

#9008 Pullman Standard low profile (2 avail)

#9009 4 Wheel General Steel Casting Double Equalized (1 avail)

#9010 PRR 2C-P1 for P54 (1 avail)

#9011 PRR 2C-P3 for BM-54; PB-54 (4 avail)

SIX WHEEL PASSENGER TRUCKS less wheelsets $5 ea

#9021 PRR  3D-P1(1 avail)

#9022  Pullman Standard straight equalized (1 avail)

#9023 (was #9013) Pullman Standard 61-NO (13 avail)  3 pending

#9024 Commonwealth (2 avail)

EXPRESS TRUCKS less wheelsets $5.00 ea

#9040  Commonwealth Express Reefer 8ft wb (1 avail)

#9041  ACF Mechanical Ventilator Fans  6ft wb (1 avail)

#9042  Commonwealth BX (2 avail)

#9043  Allied Full Cushion (2 avail)


#9115 Pass Car Stirrup Steps $3

#9101  P70 Ice Air Conditioner $2 PENDING

#9124 Wood Panel Baggage Doors (4) N&W $3  (5 avail)

#9123 Wood Panel Baggage Doors (4) PRR $3 (4 avail)



TRAIN  #1 : Diner ; Vista Dome; Coach; 2 Roomettes    $69

TRAIN #2  (2 trains avail) : w/interior: 2 Vista Domes (2); Roomette; Diner  wo/interior:  2 Coaches  without interior $90.00 ea



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