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MICRO ENGINEERING FLEX TRACK (special shipping charges will apply)

HO code 55  bundle of 6  $35   (6 avail)                                             HO/HOn3 bundle of 6  code 70 $45                                                                                                     HO Code 100   bundle of 6  $35


CASSETTE TAPES FOLK RAILROAD (new $5 each)   $3.50  or 2/$6   

SINGING RAILS Wayne Erbsen: Cannonball Blues, Railroading on the Great Divide, On The Dummy Line, Nine Hundred Miles, John Henry, The Death of Edward Lewis, Freight Train Boogie, Lonesome Pine Special, Train on the Island, Railroad Bill, Railroadin & Gamblin, , Swannananoa Tunnel, Poor Casey, Midnight Special

RAILROADING CLASSICS 16 Great Instrumentals, Wayne Erbsen : Wabash Cannonball, Railroad Corral, Paddy on the Railway, The Lightning Express, Casey Jones, L&N Rag, Freight Train, New Lost Train, Wreck of the Old 97, In The Pines, Kansas City Railroad Blues, On The Dummy Line, New River Train, Reuben’s Train, Lost Train Blues, Nine Hundred Miles,  



(Those currently available show list price/our price. Hard to find books are priced below rare book store/internet auction prices if they are even available from those sources.)



Steel Giants by McShane & Wilk  Historic Images (Steel Industry) from the Calumet Regional Archives  $50.00/$35.00

Railroad Signaling  by Brian Solomon $34.95/27.95

Locomotive Quarterly Vol XII #3 spring 1989 Milwaukee Steam, Pacifics of  NYNH&H, Virginian steam at Roanoke and LG Isaac-Michigan photographer  $15

Locomotive Quarterly Vol XI #4 summer 1988 Lehigh Valley Motive Power, Ill Central engines at Freeport, WP simple artic 2-8-8-2s, George Harris- Canadian Pictorials  $15

Done Honest & True, Richard Steinheimer’s Half Century of Railroad Photography text by Ted Benson  new copy  soft cover [booksellers ask $130-150 for  this]   $80

Smooth The Road – A Passenger Train Review- by Passenger Train Journal. Incl General review; VIA; White Pass and Commuter features. Softcover  1 new, 1 curled corner of cover   $9.95/  $8 and $7

Pictorial Encyclopedia of Railways  by Hamilton Ellis  (1968) used, cover edges worn  $5  (RP)

The War Engines by Wm Kratville (paperback excellent cond) Late in WWII western roads were advised to prepare for upsurge as action shifted to Pacific theater. Story of UP search for used engines  in east and purchase of 2-8-8-2 models from N&W and C&O.  Loaded with detail photos of engines upon deliver & after rebuilding—and action pix.    $10 SOLD



The Feather River Canyon, Union Pacific’s Heart of Stone   by Schmollinger  used copy w/dustcover, very good $125  

Ships and Narrow Gauge Rails   Story of the Pacific Coast Co. by Best  (Howell North publ) good   $20

The History of The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe by Bertkman  $10

Death Valley Scottie   The Fastest Con in The West  hardcover by Johnston  like new  $20



Colorado  also see Traction bookls

Short Line to Cripple Creek by Tivis Wilkens Colo Rail Annual #16 very good used $16  (RP)

The Cripple Creek Road  A Midland Terminal guide  and data book by Mel McFarland very goods used $35   (RP) SOLD

Photo by McClure  Railroad, Cityscape and Landscape Photographs of L.C.McClureby Jones & Jones   very good used $ 15   (RP) SOLD

Roaring Fork Valley by Len Shoemaker  excellent used  $30       (RP)

Railroads of Northern Colorado by Kenneth Jessen excellent used  $35   (RP)



The Pennsylvania Railroad in Indiana by William Watt new $50/$38

West End B&O Cumberland to Grafton by Charles Roberts  (2nd ed) new  $279  [used copies on ebay & in stores sell $190. Only new copy we found was $513]  

Railroads of the Ohio Valley book 2 (Huntington WV to Cincinnati) by Willard Harvey, Jr $25

Railroads of the Ohio Valley book 3 (Aurora IN to Cairo IL)by Willard Harvey, Jr   new $25

Pennsylvania RR Lines West vol 1 by Hipes & Oroszi  believed  new  $59.95/$47

Conrail Commodities  by Jeremy Taylor new copy in wraps  (booksellers, Amazon list this at $80-$169; used at $54-$60]  our price $75.00

DEPOTS OF THE NICKEL PATE ROAD by Willard Harvey,Jr. new copy (out of print-used dealers are asking $35-40) $30

Limiteds, Locals & Expresses in Indiana 1838-1971 by Craig Sanders  new copy in wraps  $29.95/ $25.00 SOLD




The North Arkansas Line  by James Fair,Jr.  Missouri & N Ark    $25 SOLD



CANADIAN see also General Prototype listings

Canada Southern Country by Robert Tennant,Jr  hardover excellent cond. $47.50    (RP)

When Any Time Was Train Time by Elizabeth Willmot hardcover like new $25  (RP)



Metropolitan Railways, Rapid Transit in America by Middleton  new copy hardcover $30/$25

Indiana Railroad  by Bradley CERA Bulletin  like new $40.00

The Electric Pullman by Braugh (History of Niles Car & Mfg)  new copy $30.00/$26.00 SOLD

From Small Town To Downtown by Braugh & Graebner (History of Jewett Car Co) new copy $49.95/$39.95

Moonlight in Duneland by Cohen & McShane 2 new copies, 1 in wraps $25/ $21

The History of BRILL   hardcover history  by Debora  Brill  new copy  in wraps  $49.95/ $42.00

KITE ROUTE hardcover Story of the Denver & Interurban RR   by Jones & Holley like new  rp $35

PIKES PEAK TROLLEYS hardcover by Cafky & Haney like new rp  $30

FRUIT BELT ROUTE  The Railways of Grand Junction,Colo  by McGuire & Teed softcover like new rp $28

ROCHESTER, LOCKPORT &BUFFALO RR by Gordon  soft cover, like new rp  $38

THE LEHIGH VALLEY TRANSIT COMPANY’S ST LOUIS CARS History & Roster  Editor Kulp excellent condition  soft cover plastic bound $25 rp

Horsecars, Cabler Cars and Omnibuses by John White,Jr like new softcover  $8.00




Broadway Limited Catalog– 1st Edition   $3

K LINE CATALOG for 2000 $3.00 ea (2 avail– new)

Franklin & South Manchester RR  by George Sellios  new soft cover $12.50

N Scale Track Plans by Russ Larson  new soft cover $4.50


IHC #5311 Country Circus 24×36”  (2 avail)    $2.50ea



Wheel Works Fairmont Spike Puller kit 92-097  $10

Wheel Works Fairmont Tie Shear kit 92-098  $12

Wheel Works Speeder kit #92-037 $12

Wheel Works Kershaw Tie Crane #92-099  $17

CM Loads #3105   Ore Loads (2) for MDC 21ft ore car   $2.50 SOLD

Eastern Car Works #9128 20ft Flat Rack Containers $3.50 SOLD

Rocco #625-40030 40ft Container “Scotch Beef for Sanbury’s”  blue with large bull  $3 SOLD

A Line #25200  45ft Containers (2) ribbed   $6  (2 avail) SOLD

Walthers Coil Car Hoods(2 per pkg) $3 per pkg : #933-1502 NW; #933-1510 EL (2 avail); #933-1512B&O ( 2 avail); #933-1505 ALL SOLD

Walthers 933-1499 Coil Loads  (currently unavailable but not discontinued)  $8.98/ $6  (2 avail) 

Atlas Bridge girder load $790   $6/$5   ALL SOLD

A Line Container  2 pack 20ft corrugated 2 panel side smooth doors #25500 undec $10/$6  SOLD

A Line Container 2 pack as above except  corrug doors #26610  $10/$6  SOLD

Con Cor Containers  ALL SOLD $8  pkg of 3:  #8404 CAST ribbed; #8403 SHOWA silver; #8401 OOCL silver; 8403 SEALAND ribbed ; #8402 EVERGREEN ribbed; #8404 HAPAG LLOYD ribbed 


K Line #933-1704  $7 each (9 avail)

XTRA  #933-1715 $10/$6 ea  (6 avail)

GENSTAR #933-1714  $7.50ea (3 avail)

TRANSAMERICA #$933-1713  $6 ea  (3 avail)

HANJIN #933-1712 $7.50 ea (3 avail)

HYANDAI #933-1711  $7.50 ea (2 avail)

OOCL #933-1710 $7.50 ea (3 avail)

CP SHIPS  #933-1709 $7.50 ea (2 avail)

ITEL #933-1707 $7.50 ea (2 avail)

MATSON  #933-1706  $7.50ea (2 avail)

Undec # #933-1700 $4 ea (5 avail)


HO VEHICLES new in factory package unless noted

Individually priced items in this lot total $1100. Complete lot available for $695 adjusted for individual items previously sold.

Magnuson 439- 68 Olds 442   two pack  $8ea   (2 avail)

Magnuson  439-915   70 Plymouth Hemi Cudo  two pack $8

Huff N Puff #1026 Amish Buggy w/horse  $7.75/ $7

Preiser #485  “Open Wedding” Horsedrawn Carriage w/driver  $38.98/$25

Athearn  726 Ford COE  stake bed truck orange  $8

Milepost Hobbies  #501-1 Freuhauf  Z Van trailers(2) kit $8  (2 avail)

Magnuson #439-968  Maintenance truck kit  $10

Wheel Works #157   Terminal Tractor (stubby, narrow cab semi tractor) kit   $18.80/ $9

Con Cor U Haul “Indiana”  $15

Con Cor UPS semi trailers (3)  (“United Postal Service”)    #8113 $15  SOLD

Matchbox UPS official presentation model semi with sleeper cab, trailer   $35

Walthers 48ft Van Trailer ENGLAND #933-1915  $9ea (2 avail)

Walthers 40ft Van  Trailers:

IC Piggyback #933-1657 pig logo  $9

MILW #933-1652 orange $9

CLIPPER #933-1656 $9

Santa Fe #933-1663 $9ea (5 avail)

NP Northern Pacific #933-1665  $9 ea (5 avail)

Iowa Beef Processors #933-1667 $9ea (6 avail)

Time DC #933-1666 $9 ea (4 avail)

A&P Wheeeeeeo!  #933-1668  $9 ea (4 avail)

Lindberg #1054  Milk Transporter semi- Ford short cab COE   Snap kit sealed in box $17 (2 avail)

Welly Big Rig #4444B orange Kenworth w/sleeper cab  $5

Monogram Mini exacts #2019 ‘ 69 Mustang Boss 302  $8

Wiking 1982 4 piece special issue boxed transport  set $75  Includes 3 COE semis  w/trasilers (one double bottom) and articulated transit bus. Decorated  (and plastic box labelled) in German. Very rare

Athearn blue box #5171 SEABOARD 40ft  semi trailers (2) “Razorback” $5 new

Athearn  DC  40ft semi trailers (2)  mint cond assembled $5

Athearn  #5152 FGE  40ft semi trailers (2) $5 new

Athearn #2169  PFE 40ft semi trailers (2) mint cond assembled $5     (4 avail)                          

Front Range #4509 Semi Trailers (2) BN white $6  (2 avail)

Front Range #4516 Semi Trailers (2) Chessie  $8

Con Cor #8110 Leasway semi trailers (3) $8

Con Cor #8105 SP semi trailers  “Golden Pig Service”(3)  $8

Con Cor #8111 B&M senmi trailers (3) white, blue stripe  $8

Con Cor #8114 NW semi trailers (3) white,red NW,bold black & blue stripes $8

Jordan  #04 Erie Crane  $25 list/ $19

Woodland Scenics  #AS5536 Cruisin Coupes (2 cars)  $30.99list/ $19

LifeLike #1694 Black Hearse (similar to 50s Cadillac) $6

Mini Metals #30290  53 Ford Courier Sedan delivery glacier blue $10

Min I Metals #30289 53 Ford Courier Sedan delivery Sea Foam green $10

Mini Metals #30156  IH R190   Swift Premium dressed meats refrigerated box truck $15

MiniMetals #30276  41/46 Chevrolet  Union Ice Co refrigerated box truck  $12

MiniMetals #32302 Trasnsit Bus Natl City Lines  Shore Line (Chicago) $19 

MiniMetals GM Transit Bus Shore Line like above but  mispacked by factory- sealed in LA Transit package)  $25

MiniMetals #32301 GM TDH3610 Transit Bus yellow  National City Lines blank destination $18 (2 avail)

MiniMetals #30202  54 Ford F350 pickup truck Sheridan Blue $12 SOLD

MiniMetals #31122 IHC R120 Tractor, 32ft Flatbed Trailer ROADWAY $15

Mini Metals #31106  32ft Van Trailers (2) COOPER JARRETT  $15

MiniMetals #30164  IHC R190  Straight Box type truck NYC EXPRESS $12

MiniMetals #32110 GMC PD4103 Intercity bus TRAILWAYS (Dallas dest) $22

MiniMetals #30188  White Delivery Straight Van NABISCO (2 avail) $12

 Wiking #0114 Fork Lift  $10.99/ $6

Alloy Forms #2041    1951 Ford Panel Deliver Truck $15

Walthers #933-1650  Forty foot van type trailer undec $4.00ea or 6/$20. Several avail not included in lot

Athearn #92005 Fire Truck Ford Tri County Engine #1 $25.00  (2 avail)

Athearn Blue Box #5763 20 ft  Container Chassis  $5 ea (4 avail)

Busch # 92114  50 Chevy Pickup  Erie RR   $12.00

Athearn #8100  John Deere Ford C  Service Truck  $8.00 (5 avail)

Athearn  #02726 Orange and #02725 and #2725 green Black  Ford C (Cab Over) Stake Bed truck  $7.00 ea

Con Cor #8208 Union Pacific 45ft rivet side trailers (2) $8.00

Athearn blue box #1428 Piggyback vans (4) Jarret  $10.00 

Athearn blue box #5489  Tractor & Trailer Penn Central  $8.0 0     

Motor Max  1974 AMC Hornet  ??/$2.50ea (2 avail)

Busch 57 Belair Chevy Police Car 45008     $9

Busch Mercedes Texaco Panel truck 41550 has typical late ‘30s American appearance $12.98/$7.00


 Scenic &FARM HO

GHQ #60001 1950s Red Farm Tractor & Farmer kit   $12.95/$8   (2 avail)

GHQ#60005 1950s Red Farm Tractor  with front loader $19.95/$15  

Atlas #760 Bridge Beam load $4.45/ $3

Chooch  #7129  Railroad Junk Pile $9

Chooch #7128   Automotive Junk Pile $9 


STRUCTURES- LOT total of individual prices  $1043.25

Sheepscot #755061 Open grate & platform etched brass fire escape $10

Hometown #8775 Blackhawk Hardware Store $15  (Early Hometown kit 1980s era)

HO kits plastic in  factory pkg (unless noted)

Model Power #572 Church kit $5

Model Power #566 Station Platform kit $5

Model Power #569 Country Cottage kit $6.50

AM #302 Short Trestle $5.98/ $3

AM #301 Simple Beam Bridge $3.98/ $2

Model Masterpieces #143  Loco Sanding Tower   has metal parts$10 SOLD

IHC  Cement Plant  #5007  $17 SOLD

Depots by John  NKP Road Phone Booths (3)   $6

Bachmann Spectrum City #88005  Bus Station Art Deco  $80/ $38  (2 avail) SOLD

Bachmann Spectrum City #88006 Department Store $105/$57 (2 avail) SOLD

Bachmann Spectrum City #88008 Savings & Loan  $95/$47 (2 avail) SOLD

Bachmann Spectrum City #88002 Ambassador Hotel $115/$57

Bachmann Spectrum City #88004 Variety (10c) Store $95/$47 (2 avail)

Model Expo #60008 Concrete [RR] Telephone Booth (Cylindrical shape) (cast metal) $5 ea (3 avail)

Woodland Scenics #232 Diesel Fuel Facility (metal) $9.99 /$5.00 SOLD

Woodland Scenics #231 Trackside Scale (metal) $9.99/ $5.00 SOLD

Noch #1160 Outdoor food vendor cart, table, umbrella $15

Walthers #933-3501 Vintage Gas Station Details $30 (HM)

Depots by John #117  Illinois Central phone booths(3)  $6.00

BLI Elevated Crossing tower #166 (assembled, brass) $??./$19 ea SOLD

[Depots By John #87117 Illinois Central Phone Booth (3 in pkg) (cast plaster) $6.95/$6 pkg (2 avail)

Atlas #703 Water Tower $11.95/$8.75 SOLD

Heljan #174 Timber Trestle $31.98/$25.00

Kibri #7154 N Scale Cathedral  for distant scenery use  $35

IHC #5005 Sand Tower  $10 SOLD

IHC #7006 Chemical Plant  $35 SOLD

IHC #7752 Exxon Gas Station $25 SOLD

Life Like #1278 Stock Pens $16.98/ $12

Life Like #1331 National Oil $16.98/$12 SOLD

Life Like #1377 Coaling Tower $33.98/$25 ea (2 avail)

Life Like #1394 Ky Fried Chicken Drive In  $16.98/$12ea    SOLD

Life Like #1398 Supply House (Industry) $18.98/$14ea (2 avail)

Life Like #1338 Western Homestead  $17

Walthers Cornerstone Kits (most are retired or sold out—our  price is under last list     #933-

#2312 Pneumatic Crossing Gates (2) builtup $26.98/$16 SOLD

#3196 Arched Road Bridge $27.98/$19ea (2 avail)

#3190 Art Deco Overpass $27

#3061 Sunrise Feed Mill  $29.98/$23

#3214 Northern Light & Power $39

#3063 Clarksville Depot $25

#933-3198    Van Dyke Farm Windmills (2 in pkg) $26/$23


FACTORY OUTLET SECTION  residual inventory ofdiscontinued and reject items of our own product lines. These are NOT in the STRUCTURES  LOT


These kits survived our flood in July 2015 but the poly bag headers suffered from very high humidity where they were stored in corrugated cartons. The price shown is half the regular price as seen on our HOMETOWN page.

#42201 NKP Freight Station $6.25ea (11 avail)

#41010 Salt Box house $3.75 (10 avail)

#22001 Gosport Station $4.50 (4 avail)

#32001 Sewell Engine House $5 (26 avail)

#41005 Salt Box House $3.75 (8 avail)

#43010 Mail Pouch Barn $4.50 (31 avail)




Atlas track bargains:

#586 Code 83 manual left  #587 Right switch machine  (5 ea avail) (Bob)  $5.75 ea/ $3ea

#47 Snap or Custom Assortment $2


Railcraft code 55 HO gauge $2.50


Large assortment of new stock.  Email specific want list for confirmation. Of availability.


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